Yungblud, Kantine Cologne, 14.01.2019

Some acts quickly overtake the fate of a teenage phenomenon: the tours are going terrific, the older people become these musicians * inside but often just smiled. At least three quarters of the visitors in the 21st century were born this Monday evening, the noise level is immensely high, the screaming even before the main act on a very high level. But is behind the young British Yungblud, who is only 21 years old, more than a mere teenage hype?

The audience can freak out but first support act Bled White, who with his band a very modern electro indie presents. Perfectly selected support, the mood is already quite impressive, even the rather moderately successful drum inserts will not silence the fans. During the renovation break, several smartphones are already being blown up, and fans must post the intro of the main act to various social networks under all circumstances. Internally, I resigned myself at that time to be able to experience the concert with a hearing loss and mobile phone cameras, but far from it! In fact, even fewer phones are used than at concerts with older fanbase, instead sing, jump and ping fans with joy and also very respectful. Impressive! But not only the audience is at its best, also Yungblud proves in the next 80 minutes that he has earned every single one of the sold out venues. The young Brit sweeps across the stage, leaving just the right amount of sing-along parts to the audience, picking up the guitar himself, thanking them reasonably, and just soaring with energy. Musically, a very unique blend of hip-hop, rock and pop is offered, which goes very fast in the ear. The style ranges from mosh pit songs such as “Machine Gun (F ** k The NRA)” to hip-hop Mitwippern as “Psychotic Kids”. With “Kill Somebody” Yungblud presents an acoustic song about mental abysses in which everyone lies in their arms and ignite the lighters, to “King Charles” middle fingers are addressed to Donald Trump, with “Polygraph Eyes” a clear rejection of sexual Abuse made, even the rainbow flag is hoisted. Also, a new song, “Loner”, Yungblud has in the luggage and like almost all of his songs, this inevitably goes his way into the library of eternal catchy tunes. If Yungblud does not suddenly change his mind, there should not be much in the way of the British until the hall sizes at least double. And then other groups of people will also be aware of this bundle of energy, which finds the right words for the right beats at the right time. And with that the teenagers have definitely decided on a wonderful role model that will do almost everything right this evening. Just throwing the guitar on the drums does not have to be. We buy him the punk attitude even without such gimmicks. Sometimes you should be very careful with simple stamping!

And that sounds like this:

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