William’s Orbit – Once

William's Orbit Once Cover

With “Once”, William’s Orbit is releasing a debut that is “only” 10 tracks long but still very summery and that’s why it’s so much fun. Good rock music with catchy melodies that quickly get stuck in your head and lift your mood. While the wheel was definitely not being reinvented, every listener should know that William’s Orbit did not write a top-class album, evergreen, or a long-loved album. But that was not the claim of the indie rock quartet. Listeners from Kensington, The Kooks, Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, and cohorts will have a lot of fun with “Once” and enjoy a few relaxing hours on the beach or having their neighbors barbecue during the summer.

So Sounds like this:

Once In A Lifetime Tour:

10.05.16 Private Club, Berlin
12.05.16 Center, Bayreuth
13.05.16 Whitsun Open Air, Salching
14.05.16 Soho Stage, Augsburg
15.05. Electricity, Munich
19.05. Club Stereo, Nuremberg
20.05. Live Club, Bamberg
25.05. Blue Shell, Cologne
26.05. Green Hunter, Hamburg
31.05. Campusfestival Triesdorf

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