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Wicca Phase Springs Eternal – Suffer On

Wicca Phase Springs Eternal - Suffer On

Hardly any genre has made such a sweeping change in the past as Emo. From the early days in post-hardcore, to the melancholy-saturated math and indie rock of the late 90s, to the fashions with eyeliner-smeared hair and eyeliner smeared eyes in the early 2000s, the music genre drifted around in the trend, rather completely past this. For some years now, the notorious genre offshoot has conquered a hitherto unexplored, at first glance, rather strange, music genre: hip-hop.

This new string of rap is enjoying great popularity, especially in America , With crews such as the Suicideboys or the Gothboiclique, young music fans in particular devote themselves to the gloomy abysses of life. The lyrics are about drugs, suicidal thoughts, love. While the mainstream takes care of self-adulation and cocaine, young people bring their soul, their split inner life on paper. Which genre is better suited for expressing blunt emotion than the industry’s fastest-moving scene at the moment? Thus, Emo is allowed to experience a small upswing once again – albeit in slightly different form, unfamiliar to followers of the old variety.

The young gentleman around whom this text revolves is immediately in double relation to the former popular genre. On the one hand, he raved as a founding member of Tigers Jaw in the old waters between Indie and Emo, on the other hand he was and is from the beginning part of the Gothboiclique, a loose New School Rap artist collective, until his death, the Sperrspitze of the Emorap Lil Peep. In Adam McIlwee, as the person behind the project Wicca Phase Springs Eternal is called by real name, so it is a true Emo thought leader.

The past of the musician suggests that it is “Suffer On “probably is not a pure rap record. Rhymes does not really spit McIlwee. Anyone who can no longer hear trap beats, the sound of the North American is probably still too modern. The ten instrumentals of the album released on the indiependent label Run For Cover Records, which has already released records of his former band Tigers Jaw, are to a large extent very similar to acoustic and electric guitars and many electric basses However, in most cases they are accompanied by loud bass drums, bouncing hi-hat beats and electronic snare samples. From time to time, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal is also dedicated to synthesizer-heavy basic constructs, which are often sketchy and repetitive.

McIlwee sets his always sung, with much pain, about this not fundamentally innovative, but stringently solid, very homogeneous sound construct and teenage feared lines. The 28-year-old sings of the panic of loneliness (“To think that I’m alone is like my worst fear.”), Of his own restraint in social contexts (“I’m afraid to make contact.”), Of a relationship put on trial by depression and anxiety (“I try to bring it up, but I can not speak.”). This combination of unadorned grief and negativity with high melody density embodies exactly what Emo disciples have appreciated the genre for decades.

Wicca Phase Springs Eternal presents “Suffer On”, an album that is not entirely self-directed was created and already impressed by it, but moves the genre Emo in a completely new context and thus contributes to a dusty smudge again the tension and attention that he could once receive. Unlike other representatives of this relatively new style, the influences of the ancient heroes seem to be even more pronounced here, making the music of the American interesting to many people, to whom modern hip-hop sound is usually too digital and homogeneous. Long live the Emo.

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