White Lies, Kantine Köln, 22.02.2019


With their new album “FIVE”, White Lies has once again found its way into Cologne’s canteen. Already with its predecessor “Friends”, the band from London stopped here. Although the location is “quite far out”, as bassist Charles Cave noted after our interview, plenty of fans came by and filled the club almost completely. With their opening band “Boniface” White Lies had chosen a quite proper, also to the style suitable act to warm up. The spark did not really want to skip with me, because I found the songwriting rather mediocre.

White Lies started her concert with the longest song of the new album. “Time To Give” built with and with, towards the finale, the repetitive, but very dynamic motif of the song increased more and more insistent, although the synthetic sounds used in the sound overall, unfortunately, came across a bit weak. With full force, the band immediately followed with “Farewell to the Fairground” from their debut album “To Lose My Life”. Here, the keyboard came through well, next to it especially the drums stood out. With “Believe It” and “There Goes Our Love Again”, White Lies had long since taken the audience by their side, as a small highlight in the set followed: “Is My Love Enough?” And “Hold Back Your Love” were a driving force 80’s in love, danceable and tailored to the disco.

White Lies, Five

The current album “FIVE”.

“Unfinished Business”, a great classic with a lot of reverb on the guitar, was followed by the rather long middle part of the concert, in which several more experimental songs were found, including material from the new album. A middle section that was not explicitly designed for hits. In between, however, a real catchy tune was interspersed with “Big TV”, the title track of the eponymous third album.
The finale between “Death” and “To Lose My Life”, the two big hits of the debut, also sneaked the current single “Tokyo”, which was no less euphoric accepted by the audience. White Lies can still write really good, catchy songs with that certain something.

The encore started with a small solo number by vocalist Harry McVeigh, who recently took classical piano lessons. So he accompanied himself to the song “Change” by “Big TV”. With “Fire and Wings” followed again a rather unusual, new song, in which especially the bass played a major role. As on the last visit to Cologne, “Bigger Than Us” was again able to conclude the evening as the only still played song from the second album “Ritual”. The audience sang along once again.
White Lies made a well-oiled impression that evening and were also able to convince with something new. For some listeners it may have been a few lengths in the middle section. We’re curious to see what the White Lies will come up with on their next album. In summer, they will return to Cologne for a festival appearance.

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