White Lies – FIVE

Just missing the track “FIVE” on their fifth album is actually just logical in the sound of White Lies. Why mess around with any creative titles, if the content is already foreseeable anyway? Sounds a little hard at first glance, but in the end, it’s not a bad judgment at all. On the contrary!

If a band has mastered the merging of post-punk and new wave in the 21st century again and again fabulous, then these are the White Lies. And that’s exactly why it is quite a joy game for fans of the band and music genres, which already follows the promise of the opener “Time To Give” and pays tribute to the great sound ideals of the 80s in just under 7 minutes of playing time. With such an engaging arrangement of the synthesizers to a broad homage, the album starts already in the middle. “Never Alone” thinks of this epic right away by adding melancholic vocals to the danceable beats – after all, it’s not until sad music that it’s best to dance since Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own”. But suddenly a small sound-cut creeps into the album: “Finish Line” and “Kick Me” put the synthies aside to fix on acoustic guitars and even leave room for a jazz piano. This antithesis is outstanding, especially “Finish Line” is partly reminiscent of the sound that had been so dear in the first albums of Editors. So the White Lies can do a lot more than just hit the revival party with hits, as the first half of the record proved. From the really unbelievably catchy hit “Tokyo” the record decides then but then for the dance floor without great experiments or outbreaks. Only the Closer “Fire and Wings” works intensively with guitars and breaks out of the quite carefree 80s sound.

One could already guess what this album will offer. And that’s not bad – because the White Lies know what a qualitative vivid revival has to sound like. The fact that the second half of the plate is doing the rather easy way, is given, because some smaller experiments, the album can still offer. And now on to the dance floor!

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And that sounds like this:

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White Lies live 2019:

  • 22/02/2019 Canteen Cologne
  • 23/02/2019 Matrix Bochum
  • 24.02.2019 Markthalle Hamburg
  • 03.03.2019 Huxleys Berlin
  • 15.03.2019 New Teatherfabrik Munich
  • 16.03.2019 Werk 2 Leipzig
  • 18.03.2019 Slaughterhouse Wiesbaden

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