TÜSN – Trendelburg

“Welcome to Trendelburg. Hear the verdict for your failure. You will all be killed by lightning. “The start in this album is certainly not positive. And so really smart you will not from the lines at first hearing either. Who or what is actually Trendelburg? First of all, Trendelburg is a small town in Hesse. But the much more interesting thing about it is the legend, which revolves around the name of Trendelburg and serves as the leitmotif of the TÜSN album.

In short, the story is the following: In Trendelburg there was the giantess Trendula, who killed her sisters and so greedy that she was eventually killed by lightning. In the context of this legend, the idea of ​​an ailing world full of sinister inhabitants, doubts and sadness as well as love play the eleven songs of the record “Trendelburg”. Lyrically, it is both personal, emotional and socially critical as, for example, in the provocative song “Made in Germany”. Compared to the 2016 album “Schuld”, “Trendelburg” is even more sophisticated, full of ambiguity, contrasts and little stories.

Musically, the songs are overly dramatic, extravagant and playful. And with full intention. So “Black Lambada” with its pulsing bass to dance, while “even more” drifts into a ballad, which could almost happen in a musical. In many places, the pop factor is almost exaggerated and in between scratching again and again close to the hit, but it is still just really good. Because without these theatrical and addictive melodies it would not be TÜSN.

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And that sounds like this:

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TÜSN live 2019:

26.04. BREMEN – Tower Music Club
27.04. ROSTOCK- Helga’s City Palace
28.04. HAMBURG – Nochtspeicher
29.04. FRANKFURT / MAIN – Nightlife
01.05. MUNICH – Backstage
02.05. NUREMBERG – Club Stereo
03.05. SAARBRÜCKEN – Garage Kleiner Klub
04.05. OSNABRÜCK – Small Freedom
05.05. HANNOVER – Lux
07.05. COLOGNE – Blue Shell
08.05. LEIPZIG – Moritzbastei
09.05. BRAUNSCHWEIG – Eulenglück
10.05. BERLIN – Urban Spree

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