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Vimes_Nights In Limbo_Album Cover

VIMES are finally releasing their first album on the market. And that will be an exceptional album! The duo consisting of Azhar Syed and Julian Stetter has recently and rightly received worldwide recognition for their previous releases on the album Nights in Limbo, such as Kyra or Mind. Just a few years ago, you could enjoy her live skills (with support from drummer Johannes Klingebiel) and on her Soundcloud channel. The final track of the album, House of Deer, for example, has been there for 3 years. So, when the CD or vinyl begins to turn in the living room, then the gentle listener can be surrounded by softly driving beats, get lost in the voice of Syed and enjoy the synth sounds. The ideal mix of music to relax and music to dance seems to hide behind the name Nights in Limbo. And the guys were also played by scene DJs. In this sense: Listen, live and, at best, also enjoy live on the tour through the Republic. It’s worth it!

Here you can buy the album!

And so it sounds and looks like this:

VIMES – “Nights In Limbo” Tour
09.03.16. Aachen, music bunker
10.03.16. Duisburg, quarry
11.03.16. Cologne, Building 9 * Record Release Show *
12.03.16. Stuttgart, 1210
14.03.16. Munich, Milla
15.03.16. Mainz, already beautiful
16.03.16. Luxembourg, De Gudde Wëllen (L)
17.03.16. Nuremberg, Stereo
18.03.16. Dresden, Paula
19.03.16. Berlin, Music & Peace
03/23/16. Hamburg, Häkken
24.03.16. Hanover, Lux
30.03.16. Dusseldorf, FFT
16.04.16. Kassel, Schlachthof

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