The Paper Kites, Luxor Cologne, 11.02.2019

When I wrote my bachelor thesis last month, somehow none of Spotify’s concentration playlists worked so well. There was at least one song in each of the music collections that was too fast or too well known for me to concentrate on. Fortunately, I eventually discovered the Australian indie rock folk band The Paper Kites . The songs of the five musicians seemed incredibly calming and relaxing, so that my bachelor thesis eventually came to an end.

One month later The Paper Kites were now, after three years of abstinence, back on a tour through Germany – reason enough on 11.02 .2019 in Luxor, Cologne, to find out if the relaxed indie rock music of the Australian band would also have such a calming effect live.

With sixteen atmospheric tracks, The Paper Kites cast a spell over Cologne’s audience. The well-filled club listened to the band so quiet and focused that the bar and the squeaky refrigerator were even louder for much of the evening than the crowd. All the louder, however, was the applause with which the audience cheered the songs of the five Australians. Although the rocky indie songs were all rather quiet, they often reared up during the verses. The announcements from frontman Sam Bentley presented The Paper Kites not only as great musicians, but also as sympathetic people and told some anecdotes about the origin of each track.

For the song “Arms” The Paper Kites had then something very special considered: the light in Cologne Luxor was almost completely turned off and the band played the song completely in the dark. You’re used to hearing depressing songs alone in the dark, they joked it. But The Paper Kites were right – without a picture in mind, the music was even more intense, than any other.

And that answers the question from the beginning of the report: yes, the music of The Paper Kites also acts live incredibly calming and relaxing. The silence of the audience and the musical skills of the band also ensured that one could perceive the music as a whole much more intense than if you only hear them at home at the desk. Let’s hope that the result of my bachelor thesis will be as successful as the concert of The Paper Kites.

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