The Deadnotes, Track 22 Münster, 09.03.19

The Deadnots Track 22 Münster 2019

The Deadnotes have been on tour in Europe for 19 days with Kid Dad, and they are leading the three Freiburger also to Münster on track 22. The evening starts with the post-hardcore band Chiefland, who have just released their debut album “Wildflowers” (a detailed review can be found here). While the singer screams his soul out barefoot in front of the stage, Chiefland are completely absorbed in their music and deliver an intense start into the evening.

The Paderborn KID DAD make alternative grunge rock and fit really good in the evening. They have often played in Münster and the surrounding area as support of various bands and that has definitely paid off, because this time there were also some fans with a good body of words. You can be curious about what’s coming in the future from the four!

The “Makeup”, which was released a few weeks ago, was the start of a rousing set by The Deadnotes. It plays hymn-like melodic and heartbreaking rousing The trio in front of the banner with the logo of their own label 22Lives Records, along with many songs from “I’ll Kiss All Fears Out Of Your Face”, also have some new songs. It is not yet clear if and when a new record will be available, but new material is already available. So two unreleased songs were played, which keep one waiting for next. After their tour started on the first day with a total loss of the car, this bad luck continues through the tour and so the equipment was not completely spared on this evening, even though fortunately everything could be quickly repaired. You realize that they have already played a lot (almost 500 concerts!) Live, because live they sound better than on record! All in all, it was a nice, family evening on the track with good music and a relaxed atmosphere.


The Deadnotes live 2019:

11.03. Namur (BE), Le Petit Bitu
12.03. Bonn (DE), Bla
13.03. Besancon (FR), Les Passagers du Zinc
14.03. Paris (FR), L’Engrenage (acoustic show)
15.03. Dijon (FR), Deep Inside
16.03. Freiburg (DE), Flight 13 Record Store (in-store show)
16.03. Freiburg (DE), Slow Club
18.03. Zurich (CH), Dynamo
23.03. St. Gallen (CH), Sing & Play Festival
30.04. Bremen (DE), diversity Rockt
07. – 09.06. Paris (FR), This is my party
15.06. Nordwalde (DE), Noise Makers Festival
26.07. Megesheim (DE), The Crater Bebt! Festival

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