That’s Way Back When Festival 2018!

Not only a look at the calendar, but also at the temperatures shows that autumn has finally come. Thus ends the festival summer 2018. Before the big concert season begins, a wild mix of great indie hopes goes to Dortmund, the fifth installment of the Way Back When Festival. If this weekend is not one, then commerce – this is where the acts of tomorrow will start. Accordingly close is also the list of new discoveries, of which we hope to report more often.

This year the Way Back When (unfortunately) cuts a stage away, leaving only the club and hall of the FZW, as well as the Paul Church be recorded. As the first act in the club, the local newcomer band East Ends welcomes the audience, which is now received with an indie-punk mix. A successful start, because the band already knows how to entertain the masses.

Now the first step is taken in the hall. The light darkens, a small TV flickers on stage, the band’s name is Strange Bones (photo) . A young man, neatly dressed in a smart suit, enters the stage for the first cool post-punk sounds. It does not take long before he jumps right into the audience and walks through the masses, only a small light on the microphone illuminates his face. He does not put a face and could have sprung straight out of “A Clockwork Orange”. As soon as the first hardcore part breaks out of the speakers, it just bursts out of the front man and he spits angry words at the audience, jumping onto the stage and back, wondering he’s not breaking all his bones. Finally, when he trudges across the stage wearing a gas mask, he finally causes a storm of enthusiasm. Strange Bones sound like evil The Clash and have been on tour with Enter Shikari and Frank Carter – they will almost certainly play at sold-out concerts. The club is now followed by Pabst, who have released their debut album “Chlorine” this year and have been able to bring in a fairly large fan base. With a voice distorter and engaging, short skatepunk songs, they can convince quickly and make it really easy to take them to heart!

The first act we see in St. Paul’s is now played by Sam Vance-Law (photo). Wait, was not this the musician who just released an album titled “Homotopia” this year, highlighting the subject of male homosexuality? Exactly! Even the Canadian must smile about the fact that he may now appear in a church, his song “Fagot”, which just discusses the relationship between homosexuality and religion, he plays only briefly, the effect is already clear enough. With his incredibly funny style, he presents imposing pieces between pathos-pop and soul and indie and and and. Definitely a memorable performance that recommends the young man for further concert visits. Originally, Sam was scheduled to perform at FZW on Sunday, but for the short-term change, he had to organize a replacement drummer, who learned one day before the concert and learned the entire set within 24 hours. The keyboarder is also fresh on board. Nobody would have guessed that, the performance was musically really phenomenal and immaculate!

The first headliner will be Her (photo) on Friday, a French act that started as a duo. Singer Simon Carpentier died of cancer too young last year, but his colleague Victor Solf continues to work for him and immediately inspires him with his gigantic electro-soul. This voice! These beats! These songs! The whole hall dances and that definitely has a bigger headliner-quality!

Back in the club we are allowed to listen to the likeable musicians of Rikas (Photo) with their summery rhythms watching. Even in the 60s, the boys on the beach would have made all hearts beat faster – that sounds like California and so not to Stuttgart. When the lyrics circle around tortellini and the choreos make you smile, you’re just in love with this band! In the hall, the Brazilian (!) Musician Dillon ends the evening with electronic, cool sounds and a very loud voice. Unfortunately, the musician does not arrive so overwhelmingly, the performance seems a bit too thoughtful and intentionally epic. If you want, you can end the evening with the set of Kid Simius or the party in Sissikingkong.

Quite euphoric from the first day we start the Saturday again with a local band – this time with the Dortmunders Walking On Rivers (photo). With the folk sounds, the musicians strongly remind of Mumford & Sons and let hope for the debut album. We definitely keep an eye on the band!

Instead of M.I.L.K. plays Frere , who learns of his luck only a few hours earlier – the Van der Band had technical problems. Frere offers relaxed singer-songwriter sounds and a hilarious kind of music – in addition to the music, Frere seems to master even dry, relaxed comedy! At the same time, it’s not easy at the club at Jamie Isaac , who plays loosely backed lounge music.

For mine The taste leans back a little, so it goes back to the church and Fenne Lilly (photo) . This is not in good shape right now – it was only that day that her house was broken into. However, Lilly whitewashed this with a set of beautiful indie guitars and little catchy tunes. In addition, she tells so dry the funniest and partly also pretty dirty stories, that the hall laughs tears.

And already the next headliner is on stage : Fil Bo Riva plays catchy indie folk and is no longer an insider tip. The set could undoubtedly work the same way on larger stages, the audience thanks the Italian with a big round of applause.

After that, it’s all over Almost the entire audience back into the church, because the Irish All The Luck In The World may close the day there. It remains so soft and fragile throughout that you could slowly get comfortable at one hour of play time to bed. The audience is thrilled with so much tenderness and offers – as with every concert in the church – standing ovations.

Actually, we are already ready for bed, but Of course, the audience did the bill without Fjørt . By far the hardest act of the festival shakes the masses once more properly. This leads in the first rows to many enthusiastic faces and of course is also sung along. For the rest, but rather indie-friendly audience reaps the band rather restrained applause, which, however, the three musicians have expected. Nevertheless, they thank you for your attention and play an accustomed stunning post-hardcore set with the best political announcements and a bloodcurdling atmosphere. At least some realize that this was one of the festival’s biggest appearances.

Findlay ends up filling the club with ind
ie pop, riot grrl moments and rock – the musician seems to be there to override all kinds of games straightaway. It does not just affect us completely – even though it’s already 1 o’clock, people are even at the door to experience at least a small shred of this groundbreaking performance. Big!

We start Sunday in the gaming lounge at OLAF – one of the many cultural events around the festival. In addition to the console paradise, for example, a street art workshop, an interview café and a vinyl talk round with Findlay are offered. This adds a fun component to the festival and provides entertainment in case an act does not please. First, let’s take a look at the relaxed indie of Burkini Beach , who jumped in for Malena Zavala – and had also switched places with Sam Vance-Law. Here again hats off to the organizers for such a quick replacement and so much organizational talent!

In the church, the next highlight: Kat Frankie is of course familiar to some and fills the holy halls accordingly fast. Her voice ensnares the audience to the last rows, she controls the quiet songs, but also the faster numbers. A loop station is used and finally provides for frenetic cheers. To the last number “Home” Frankie jumps through the rows and animates the whole audience to get up and come forward – an exceptional situation. Without a doubt, Kat Frankie is a great singer, a wonderful person and definitely one of the highlights of the festival.

The final headlining is now Tom Grennan, whose voice is among the best male of the festival. Musically, the musician embarks on pop tracks and might well uphold the flag for sophisticated pop with James Arthur and George Ezra. Even two background singers are playing along, so the whole thing is screaming for a bigger stage than a small indie festival anyway.

Much better fits there Selah Sue, is the last Act in the Church to play something completely different. Accompanied by cello and grand piano The set begins rather classical, the smoky voice of the Belgian is consistently impressive. Suddenly, the loop station is operated and played with Beatbox elements a unique hip hop reggae classic mix. The beats sit, the voice ensures goose bumps and euphoric cheers. Such a music is not yet in my own record collection, so I can definitely thank this festival for such border crossings – because what was offered here far away from common band constructs, I probably will not forget so fast. Such a big round of applause finally made for an encore – definitely worth it!

In the hall The Highest Railway end the festival and play German-speaking indie with very strong lyrics, what the hall one last Time fills. In the club, Cold Years shut the bag. Rarely does a music scream so formally after its model. The tour bus runs a lot The Gaslight Anthem – live quite like the attendees quite well, the merchandise is selling rapidly.

Who has not already accessed the Early Bird tickets, paid for the weekend ticket 85 euros. Of course, this is not a small thing for the rather unknown acts – but every single euro works. The Way Back When shines with consistently great performances, sympathetic musicians and a very well-balanced genre concept. Dull acts, which one otherwise sees on commercial festivals, are simply not available here. Those who want to be surprised and perhaps even leave their own conventions behind them can invest in the next festival without much thought. Anyway, we would be very happy to get to know interesting new acts during this unique festival!

And that’s what last year looked like:

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