That was the Cosmonaut Festival 2018!

Oh cosmonaut, how can you manage to become even more beautiful every time? Last year and the year before last, we were already raving enough about the fact that there is probably the most beautiful festival area in Germany at the Rabenstein reservoir. Or the fact that the many small details such as the miniature golf course, the Herzblattstudio or simply the lovely decoration create a very special atmosphere. And also the line-up could convince us again and again, not least thanks to the little lover’s pearls that often hide in the early and middle slots of the timetable. So why was it even better this year? For one thing, because everything was just right for the weather, the bands and the supporting program. On the other hand, because of a certain action called “Kamp mit K”, which made the festival an unforgettable experience for us personally.

We, that’s Yvonne, eight other friends and me – or the Mexicamper. Under this name, we spontaneously signed up for the action in April that had considered Kraftklub for this year’s edition of their festival. Sign up for the team, create a Facebook page, collect Likes, and, as one of the top 10 finalists, arrive two days earlier and build the Traumkamp on 100 square meters. Sounds like a lot of fun. It was crafted, advertised, and tinkered with the stuff, and in fact we made it not only among the top ten teams, but to our own Dixiklo, which was rewarded for 750 Facebook likes. We tell you, there is nothing better in this festival world! Thanks to all who gave us a LIKE! Fully packed so we arrived on Wednesday. What followed were two k-day kampf that were almost nicer than the actual festival days. Quickly, friendships were closed, tools and alcoholic means of exchange exchanged at the first round of flunky matches. There was hardly anything to be felt by envy or competition. Instead, a cross-party party was celebrated in the ball pool as the crowning highlight. It became serious on Friday afternoon. The Jury for Power Club and the Youtube Craftsman King Fynn Kliemann , who had built his own Kliemannsland-Kamp (out of competition), took a close look at all the Kamps. I really do not lie when I write that our victory surprised us. Of course, we were still happy about the golden tickets for next year and probably the most beautiful denim jackets in the universe. And somehow the visit of MTV and our own edition of MTV Kribs. Conclusion of this whole story: Find your coolest friends together and join in the fight with K, it’s worth it!

With all this euphoria we want but of course do not forget the actual festival. It started on Friday with the performance of Rikas . The Stuttgart band delivered the perfect opening with their Swabian Samba on the Atomino stage and brought the audience to dance already in the early afternoon. And because the four are really nice guys, they answered some questions later in the interview, which we will present to you in the next few days. There was still some time left for the next must-see and we used it to put our legs into the lake and explore the terrain. For the first time this year, there was the word stage on which podcasts were allowed to contribute to the festival. A nice and relaxed change to the musical activities! Just in time for the performance of Faber , we found ourselves back in front of the main stage and felt transported back to the last power club tour, where the Swiss, with his somewhat idiosyncratic folklore music, has come to our hearts. And as it seemed to us, there were a few when you looked at the enthusiastic crowd in front of the big stage. Even more ecstasy later triggered tribulation , when the crowds crowded in front of the small Atomino stage. In the usual expressive manner, Max Gruber performed excerpts from his two previous albums such as the pop hit “Turmbau zu Babel” and finally brought the crowd to a standstill with a “1000 and 1 night” cover. Snatching away was also the motto in front of the main stage, which was almost dissected by Fine Cream Fish Fillet . And indeed, the show did not come out completely without injuries, because frontman Monchi was simply bitten off a piece of skin from the thumb while crowdsurfing. Crazy!

Slowly but surely, the suspense on the secret headliner – since always cosmonaut tradition – and with her the rumor mill seething more and more. The two most frequently mentioned names were probably Die Ärzte and Cro. As power club briefly entered the stage and a “special edition of the secret headliner” After all, when the falling curtain finally presented RIN , the disappointment was visibly high in some of them. Older semesters could not do anything with the name, the younger fans were thrilled, but most of them were just not convinced to see a worthy headliner in front of them. After three songs, however, came the next surprise and Bausa replaced RIN. The disappointment turned to amazement and the streams of people who were already heading for the exit, but rather waited again. Rightly so, because Bausa left the stage after a few songs and left the field to Haiyti . The amazement was again replaced by tension, because it could not have been so. The rumor mill was eventually – at least in part – confirmed and Cro performed his biggest radio hits. And then the big fireworks (in the truest sense of the word) to the final: Casper and Marteria stormed the stage, played their new common song “Champion Sound” for the first time and quit their album ” 1982 “for the 31st of August 2018. What a spectacle and indeed a very special headliner edition! After a more than successful aftershow party with the Drunken Masters we went to sleep with the thought that the two could have played a few more songs.

Am Saturday morning at 7:30 am this wishful thinking became reality and the two Berliners ripped the cosmonaut campers out of their well-deserved sleep. With a pick-up it went across the campground (or to the next outlet) and in addition to a few older songs was of course again given the new single to the best. This is something that is definitely reflected in the morning with residual alcohol and half asleep particularly well! In any case, the “Gude Laune” with the campers was secured for the rest of the day.

The afternoon started a little more contemplatively with Sam Vance-Law on the main stage. With chamber-pop, a mischievous smile, and a subtle sense of humor, he wrapped his fingers around us. And we spoil it already: in the interview he did the same with it. Also this result you get in the next days. Meanwhile, it was at the Blok Party a lot beatlastiger. After Jace, Juicy Gay, Juse Ju and BHZ , the Austrian Mavi Phoenix fueled the ever-growing crowd. The reason for this onslaught had hidden well in the timetable, but then gradually got around. Behind VSK was the Verbale Style collective around the K.I.Z rappers. Half an hour of demolition and lots of happy faces! Immediately afterwards we went back to the big stage where Olli Schulz not only performed well-musically packed everyday stories, but above all delivered one of the festival’s most entertaining shows. Laughing, singing along, dancing – one did not really know what to do first.

The next act was still in the middle of the night last year on the realm for ever-stage and managed it anyway – or just therefore – without problems to fill the place in front of the main stage. Trettmann is no longer an insider tip and his songs fit the relaxed afternoon atmosphere on the lake like a fist on the eye. That Felix Brummer stormed the stage on the feature “As you” probably did not surprise, but everyone was happy.

After a short breather – we were not allowed to neglect our fight with K – we did Warm up for the headliner at Milky Chance . The performance was certainly not bad, but somehow a bit too monotonous for our taste. Or, as Yvonne said so nicely: “For those who play the same song again, it takes on a whole new meaning!”

Just in time for the hosts’ performance, it was really full in front of the main stage. And not only in front of the stage, but also on stage, it was swarming with people during the Power Club appearance. The Tänzer-Gäng, probably known from the last festival summer, was back for several songs. With new choreographies and visibly a lot of joy, they accompanied the band and thus provided the icing on the cake at the already awesome live show. Anyone who would like to complain about this headliner appearance, could complain at most, that he was just too short with 75 minutes. Otherwise convinced Kraftklub on full line, which was to be expected in front of home scenery, however, no different. Or as Felix Brummer said, “Even our grandparents are here today. Thank you for not embarrassing us. “

Speaking of embarrassing: What happens if you” consume too many drugs before performing “has Yung Hurn impressively proved as the final act of the Atomino stage. Too late for the show, just with this reason, and so verpeilt that he plays the same song just several times, “because it was so cool”. Already embarrassing, but that does not really bother anyone after such a festival. Once again, it is remembered that the cosmonaut has enchanted us with his atmosphere and we would like to be back when the rocket launches again on July 5 and 6, 2019!

By the way, you will find a photo gallery about the festival in the next few days on our Facebook page.

And that’s what it looked like (whoever finds us in the video may keep us!):

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