Stereokeys – Stereokeys

Looking for the most exciting newcomer acts, we especially noticed the stereokeys at this year’s Youth Brigade Festival (review here). After a flawless performance with epic alternative anthems surprised then the statement that this was their first joint performance – because that sounds much more after years of well-rehearsed band than after excited chaos.

What leaves the stereo of a large audience stand out on new acts? Especially the stadium suitability in small halls. Already at the concert, some of them begin to sing along in the audience, because the songs inevitably take you along, the lyrics quickly become apparent, without the songs seem too dull. The self-produced first EP now captures the live spectacle. As opener, “Years” is one of the great hymns of the band, which works extensively with beautiful guitar walls. “Serenity” follows with a plucked guitar reminiscent of ’90s Alternative. “Another Day” starts in a gloomy atmosphere, only with the call “We’re Falling” does a more optimistic guitar find its way into the song. “P.R.” opens with an engaging bassline and a rousing beat. In the end, the EP makes frighteningly little wrong – varied songs, sing-along choirs, a clear production. Hopefully, when a band is in its infancy, the future is leveled. But first the lyrics are memorized for the next show!

And that sounds like this:

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