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Stella Donnelly – Beware of the Dogs

The power lies in calm. Beware of the Dog. Idioms and signs on houses – words that constantly surround us, but which we barely notice. Stella Donnelly puts her debut album at the service of inconspicuousness, but with quiet emphasis on the lower levels.

Quite unexcited, the album rises with “Old Man”, an indie song with a melancholy undertone, the unrestrained criticism of patriarchal structures practices. “Oh are you scared of me old man?” Donnelly asks quite bluntly, remaining so relaxed that her confidence seems more powerful than any aggressive rebelliousness. The fact that “Beware of the Dogs” does not only focus on social criticism is demonstrated by “Mosquito”, which tells stories from everyday life – of cakes that you can not bake because of allergies. Relationships with the typical little difficulties. In the following “Season’s Greetings” Donnelly also allows hand claps and more open guitars, singing phrases like “My Mom’s still a punk and yours still shit”. If then in the following “Allergies” to crystal clear guitars a love is buried or “Boys Will Be Boys” again represents a feminist point of view – Donnelly never gets loud, but in the right moments more and more determined. Finally, it gets really exciting with “Lunch”. In the style of Kate Nash, there are shrill choirs, the music becomes syncopated, the indie quoted here more and more dazzling. “Die” relies on the antithesis of happy children’s singing and the topic of death, “Watching Telly” treats religion, “Beware Of The Dogs” builds more and more demonstrative a sheer despair. Again and again Donnelly consciously decides to decelerate, allowing the most difficult issues to seethe under this soothing façade. How these are treated alongside everyday stories proves that Donnelly can not let them go unnoticed.

Still waters are deep. Where others only have a weary smile for proverbs and expect a feel-good oasis with a subtle indie with Dream Pop touches, artists like Donnelly ask for a second look. The fact that this is usually much more profitable than obviously dazzling works, probably know only a few. And these people will enjoy “Beware Of The Dogs” for a long time.

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And that sounds like this:

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Stella Donnelly live 2019:

  • 11.04.2019 Badehaus, Berlin
  • 12.04.2019 Molotow Skybar, Hamburg
  • 15.04.2019 Yuca, Cologne

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