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Snow Patrol_Wildness

Founded in 1994, Snow Patrol is one of the best rock / indie bands of the century. With six award-winning studio albums, countless tours and more than successful hits, the five members from Glasgow and Belfast have proven their skills time and again. Seven years have passed since her last album “Fallen Empires”, in which little was heard about the band. With “Wildness”, Snow Patrol have just finished this break and released their seventh studio album.

At this Snow Patrol present in a different guise, which seems much more serious and clearly thought-provoking. With ten songs, they create a very well-sounding, harmonious variety, which comes very nicely arranged therefore. Above all, the choice of instruments on “Wildness” succeeded perfectly. Very well-sounding, but still subtly, the instruments accompany very sensitive lyrics that sound highly emotional and carefully articulated. The voice of lead vocalist Gary Lightbody fits in well in this context, though a bit of the drive from previous albums is missing.

In general, the songs are very boring and far more serious. As a result, unfortunately, a certain amount of lightness is lost, the Snow Patrol could actually always bring in their songs. On the other hand, the topic selection of the songs is even more creative and makes the band more authentic, because you notice in songs like the pre-single “Do not Give In”, that the band members have really dealt with it. It should also be noted that Snow Patrol is now almost ready for the mainstream segment. The rock elements are well on “wildness” and complement each other with a mix of indie and pop.

Overall, Snow Patrol have created a great album, which is different in style, but still the handwriting of the band bears. Like their members, the band has grown older, more serious topics are being recorded and the creative process has been significantly boosted. Newcomers will probably miss the certain “wildness” factor, but fans will definitely be able to reconcile themselves positively with the band’s reorientation.

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