Snow Patrol, König Pilsener Arena Oberhausen, 20.01.2019

Very sensitive, with a serious touch, rock and pop elements, a touch of indie, eloquent Lyrics and a lot of harmony. So you could try to describe the music of the Irish / Scottish band Snow Patrol. However, only slightly. Since 1994 you can enjoy the music of the band around singer Gary Lightbody. Time and again Snow Patrol proved their skills in recent years, gave incredibly great live concerts and also released great singles. After a break of seven years in 2018, they released their seventh studio album “Wildness”, which strikes much more serious notes, but is absolutely melodious. Last Sunday, Snow Patrol have been able to present live again, what they have on it:

With an amazing atmosphere the five band members entered the stage and did not let them escape the whole evening. Snow Patrol proved to be a very well-rehearsed team and each one of them was wholeheartedly involved. On the stage, there was a nice togetherness, which underlined once again how much the band had missed playing live again. At the same time, they radiated an admirable serenity and tranquility, which was also transmitted to the audience and boosted the mood once again.

Musically, Snow Patrol provided an absolute pleasure that did not come across as outstanding because of the sensitive lyrics , Gary Lightbody understands how easy it is to breathe life into the words, to give them meaning and to create absolute goosebump moments. Not only once did he create great moments that were both wonderfully harmonious and thought provoking. The setlist turned out to be very refined and more than diverse. Snow Patrol lived up to its name and blended music styles like pop, rock and indie into a great overall picture. Her latest album “Wildness” combined with the old songs to a harmonious symbiosis. Especially the new songs had a great effect and were more than thrilling. In general, the concert night was very short-lived, just because so many variations were included in the set list. Classics such as “Run” or “Chasing Cars” also found their necessary place

What makes Snow Patrol so special is their collaboration and the interaction between vocals, lyrics and beautifully crafted melodies. They are always very subtle, but emphasize exactly the right and necessary places in their music. They are incredibly happy to listen to, can be kidnapped, feel and live in other worlds.
The visual effects were nevertheless emphasized as a very big highlight. In these, the audience was offered a very large cinema, with great LED effects and film inserts. Just this underpinned again the mood of the songs and let one carry along into the world of the respective song. No matter if it was a sea of ​​lights from stars, a tracking shot through Ireland or incredibly creative live recordings of the band members.

Snow Patrol proved this evening that they are an incredibly good live act and probably belong to the best indie / pop / rock bands in the world. From the passion that they brought to the stage, the wonderfully arranged music, the sensitive and harmonious lyrics and the great sense of humor of the band, everything was what you would expect from a good concert. It does not always have to be an overloaded stage and a thousand outfit changes – sometimes the music alone is enough for a big cinema, combined with a few discreet creative ideas!

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And this sounds like this:

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