Razorlight, Kantine Köln, 12.02.2019

Some bands know two or three songs that used to be on the radio, but nothing more. Why one did not deal more closely with the other works, one does not know itself so exactly. And sometimes you can not explain this criminal disregard even more, if you have seen the band then but once live and they could inspire you right away. Or: how Andrea became a Razorlight fan.

“Wire to Wire” and “America” ​​are probably the two songs that even elicit a “oh, they are!” never heard of the band Admittedly, I did not know many more songs, but I was easily persuaded to come to the concert. Although the canteen in Cologne could not quite sell out the band around singer Johnny Borrell, there was probably not much missing. What immediately attracted attention was the average age of the audience. In any case, it has not happened for a long time that I felt young at a concert when I was just 30 years old. For the mood but just these two factors seemed to have been beneficial: The free space was used from the first song to dance and later for moshpits. And the fans clearly saw the joy of seeing the Razorlight hits, which are now over 10 years old, finally (again) live.

Razorlight himself, on the other hand, was completely relaxed on stage. With an attitude that wavered between cool and arrogance, they played their program. The interaction with the audience in the form of announcements was also rather minimal, but just came in the decisive moments, for example in spontaneous interjections. This may sound like an unsympathetic appearance, but with the band’s slightly rocked exterior, that’s just the right overall picture. Some may allow themselves such an appearance without being resented.

From a musical point of view, too, the evening was an entertaining and entertaining experience. Of course, the two radio hits mentioned above were not missing, but they were far from being as special as one might have thought. Rather, they joined in a setlist, in which one could hardly distinguish as Razorlight newbie, which songs were old and which were new. Although between the last album and the current record “Olympus Sleeping” 10 years and a few new appointments in the band, but the sound has remained the same and worked great in Cologne. The guitars rattled until the strings tore and the drumsticks did not last until the end, but Johnny Borrell’s strong voice. Grippy indie rock that’s just fun to listen to. Why did nobody tell me that earlier?

And that sounds like this:

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