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As part of the Germany tour of the “Purple Souls” we have the debut with the frontman Jakob about the genesis of the band “Williamsburg”, the current tour as well as future plans spoken.

96s.info: How’s your tour going so far? Are you satisfied?

Purple Souls: We are very satisfied so far. Of course it also depends on what you expect, on the first tour in Germany. It was not always crowded now, but the shops were well filled. People got along well and we got pretty positive feedback. It’s just fun building a bond with the audience, whatever worked well. Especially the small clubs that we have played now have the charm that you get in contact with the people quickly, drink beer after the show and much more. It’s just more personal!

96s.info: There are even many big bands who want to go back to the little clubs ..

Purple Souls : Definitely traceable! Especially with the big shows you really have little relation to the people. We are also much more famous in Austria than here and have already played one or the other big show there – we were always lucky that the shops were always full or even sold out. It’s cool to play small clubs here in Germany again.

96s.info: Are there any negative experiences on the tour? Do you have something to moan about?

Purple Souls: Not really, we are really happy. We also got a cool tour support with Odeville. We did not know the guys before, but they are really nice! It also helps a lot that we are not just a band limited to making music, we are also really good friends. We also have our “funny Mucki”, our photographer Arne, who also provides a lot of fun.

96s.info: So much harmony? Now butter on the fish: Who annoys the most on tour?

Purple Souls: Arne! No rubbish. (Laughing). Of course, annoying every time, you can not always be in a good mood. But it is really limited, because it really works out that we’re stuck together all the time.

96s.info: And what should not be missed in your baggage?

Purple Souls: Big Suitcases! If you play in small clubs, you definitely need big suitcases. This is a demonstration of importance! (Laughing). Mobile Wi-Fi would be great, but we did not. Pretty annoying. (laughs) In addition, our navigation system is indispensable. We’ve lost so much in the past, you can not imagine …

96s.info: That sounds like a stressful past. (laughs) Let’s talk about your band foundation instead. How did the “Purple Souls” come about? How did you meet each other?

Purple Souls: We’ve all played in different projects before. Jakob and Dominik know each other from school and at that time already made music together and then it just evolved. For the concrete foundation of the “Purple Souls” it came then, as I believe in many bands, the beer. We talked about music and at some point just put it together. Different ideas have been developed, some dropped, others pursued.

96s.info: Did you agree from the start how the music you want to sound should sound?

Purple Souls: There’s never been a heated discussion. Everyone has a certain musical taste and the compromise of all ideas is what you hear on “Williamsburg”.

96s.info: Which bands do you personally listen to and do they influence your music? that you do yourself?

Purple Souls: Yes, I am very sure that they are very influential! That does not mean that we try to duplicate other bands or do exactly the same thing, of course we individually try to do our own thing. However, one also deals with the music that one likes, which is self-evident and unavoidable. Bands like Maximo Park, Editors and Bloc Party used to be important influences for us, then we went to a Coldplay concert and the spark for trendy stuff jumped over. A great act is also Julia Stone!

96s.info: You made a rather unusual location change to record your first album “Williamsburg”. How does one come up with the idea of ​​flying to New York, when one grew up in the rural regions of Austria? to write an album there?

Purple Souls: In principle, that was not a concept at all, that we deliberately said: “We fly to New York and write the album there” , It was simply a fact that we were in town at the time. I lived there for a year and a half and wrote numerous songs with my acoustic guitar, which I always have with me anyway. At the end an album was finished. Especially in the first days in New York, I went out a lot and have celebrated a lot, met many people and then tried to set my experiences to music.

96s.info: There is a certain “Ambiguity” when listening to “Williamsburg”. On the one hand, you recorded the record in a huge, vibrant metropolis and, as you say, needed many influences to collect ideas. On the other hand, I read that it was important for you to work in peace, which is also apparent in the songs. What is more important now? The loud big city or the thoughtful calm?

Purple Souls: I think it just needs reflection. In New York, everything is very fast-paced and intense. After half a year there you feel as if you have been run over by a car, because of all the impressions. Accordingly, it is important to then pull back time to even process what you have experienced everything. This was also very important for the production of “Williamsburg”.

96s.info: Your record has been well received by your fans and has also brought you many more listeners. How does it go from here? What is planned for the coming weeks and months or even for the future?

Purple Souls: In the summer we will play some festivals in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg. And our next record will not be released until 2017, but we’ve already started recording and in broad terms the new album is already in the box!

96s.info: That’s great news! How come you’re ready with the next CD?

Purple Souls: We just had a lot of ideas and worked with a professional team in the studio for the first time , They really helped us a lot and made a lot of suggestions when we did not know what to do. That was a great experience and something completely new for us!

96s.info: That sounds great. What can we expect from the new CD?

Purple Souls: Of course, I do not want to give too much away, but last year we played shows in Austria, including Support for ACDC, which is much larger than our normal size, depending on the size of the stage and the number of audiences. When you play in front of a full stadium, you have a lot of experience and a certain idea of ​​sound and melodies. So the album will definitely be more widely produced.

96s.info: Then we’re curious. Thank you for the interview!

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