Press Club – Late Teens

Teenage time is a very special moment. Here children develop into independent persons, go through the most different emotional situations and are often exhausting for all other people. A debut album titled “Late Teens” can therefore quickly raise the expectations that this is a semi-hot plate, taken in a garage, packed with a lot of heartache. Or play Press Club only with all?

For a particularly long time the questioning does not even stop, instead the opener “Crash” closes the bag: Distorted alternative riffs and rhythms meet a similarly thick dirt layer. Layer on the vocal track of Natalie Foster. In contrast to many smoothly produced indie bands, the Australians of Press Club are pretty clear on the raw song core. This is not only in the opener from Mithüpf passages and an unaffected punk attitude, but still takes a lot of time for tunes. Even the second song “Headwreck” lets the focus fluctuate between drums, string section and vocals, to give the same place to all band members. The mood changes from tight melodies to furious screams on the part of Foster, accompanied by shallow riffs or rich rhythms. And so it goes on, the songs are sometimes subject to a yearning melancholy (“Suburbia”), can evolve into a huge empowerment anthem (“My Body’s Changing”) or with Schrammel guitars invite to Moshpit (” Let It Fall “). And despite all these different tendencies, “Late Teens” never loses the sound technical thread that holds the scaffold together and thus makes up the band’s already unmistakable trademark sound. And this consists of a thick layer of distortion and the wonderfully scratchy voice of Natalie Foster. If you need a taste, you just have to listen to the title track, which initially only gives the vocals space, and then gradually gets all instrumentalists on board until the song turns into a real alternative hit.

The self-discovery phase, Press Club seemingly already behind. “Late Teens” has swapped acne and braces for Schrammel chords, statements and an engaging Trademark sound. Gone!

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And that sounds like this:

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Press Club live 2019:

  • 24.04.2019 Strom Munich
  • 25.04.2019 Stummsche Reithalle Neunkirchen
  • 27.04.2019 Molotow Hamburg
  • 29.04.2019 SO36 Berlin
  • 30.04 .2019 Uncle M Fest Munster

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