Plate Crash: Shout Out Louds – Our Ill Wills

Shout Out Louds - Our Ill Wills

In Round Seven, both of the record-breaking counterparts are complete not at all agree: Andrea’s album “Our Ill Wills” by the Swedish indie band Shout Out Louds evokes good mood and beautiful memories at the touch of a button. At Max, however, the music triggers quite different feelings.

The Shout Out Louds. How many summers have I experienced with them? With their musical development from rough indie rock to spherical melodies to the adult, mature sound of their last record, they’ve been accompanying me more, sometimes less, for over ten years. One album takes on a very special position: Our Ill Wills, the second work of the Swedes.

The fact that the album was released in the spring of 2007 for the day exactly on my eighteenth birthday is pure coincidence, of course somehow also significant. A carefree summer, finally do what you want, spontaneous trips with friends – and all with the right soundtrack. Our Ill Wills begins with drum rolls, guitar and glockenspiel and thus with the unmistakable sound of the indie band around singer Adam Olenius. “Tonight I Have To Leave It” is not only directly in the ear, but especially directly in the feet. The dance insert is followed by the hangover-wistful “Your Parents Livingroom”. Wistful, however, only in terms of the lyrics, because like no other band manage the shout out Louds, melancholic lyrics in such a cheerful way to music, that it has something consoling again. The striking voice of Adam brings a certain amount of heartache, but never so much that it could be weepy.

Of course, there are exceptions to this proven success concept, which bring the plate a pleasant change: “Blue Headlights “For example, a musically almost minimalist song, gently rocking the listener with keyboarder and backing vocalist Bebban as lead vocals, or the purely instrumental, dreamy piece” Ill Wills “. The ease of “Normandy” brings the thoughts directly to the sung French beaches. With the acoustic ballad “Meat Is Murder”, the penultimate title is the calm before the storm, before the 7.5-minute finale “Hard Rain” once again features everything that the Shout Out Louds on instruments and effects offer to have. Besides “Tonight I Have To Leave It”, however, “Impossible” will probably remain forever as one of the classics of the record. And as one of the reasons why the Shout Out Louds will continue to accompany me in the coming years and will allow them to think back to carefree summers.

And Max says that:

Quite impartial and ignorant, I listen to Shout Out Loud’s album Our Ill Wills. But that’s not so easy, because even the opener Tonight I Have To Leave it collects with excessive use of cowbells and rather annoying noodles a bunch of minuses. The “di di di” of the singer at about 2:45 kicks the barrel out of the ground. Did that have to be? Since you do not want to listen anymore. Well, that’s just part of it – let’s continue. My answer should not be a track-by-track, but I would like to discuss some details. Song number two, Your Parents Living Room, I like a lot better then, who did not wake up in a parental living room with a headache?

But after that the album is flattening again: You Are Dreaming shows talent in too much text-in-a-line pressing and the other songs all sound almost the same. After all, in song number 5, Blue Headlights, an unexpected glimmer of hope appears on the horizon – the annoying voice of the singer is finally replaced by that of a woman! In Impossible, he unfortunately reappears and tearfully explains that this love relationship was unfortunately impossible; the female background vocals make this song even worse. It also does not open to me that you had to stretch this topic to almost 7 minutes in this way.

Our Ill Wills would probably have been better without or with another singer, because they have some songs even something like a groove. Perhaps the label should have been better able to do it and, like other successful bands, have to make a statement shortly before the start of the recording. One thing really does make the album good: it sounds like a total work of art in one piece – just annoying.

If I had to choose a “favorite song”, it would be Ill Wills, because it will work without a singer or but Normandy, because it grooves and is short – more time for better music. Listening is enough.

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