Picture Book – Vernissage My Heart

Picture Book - vernissage my heart

It’s not a bold political statement, but a clear one. On February 15th, the Indie-Popper picture book will be releasing their single “Europa 22”, flanked by an action that draws its circles. On the website https://bilderbucheuropa.love fans, hater, interested can make their very own EU passport, which is then available in image form. The band thus strengthens the statement that they themselves leave in the song: “A life without limits. A freedom to give away. A freedom not to think. “

The song, whose last five minutes are lost in a psychedelic jam, is the Closer of the second picture book album within three months. After the surprise album “mea culpa”, which saw the Austrians deep into the world of lounge pop last December, there follows “Vernissage My Heart”, which includes the pre-hit “LED GO” in addition to “Europa 22”. Musically, the quartet moves less the lounge track this time, even though there are always striking piano chords that cut through the songs as in “I Have Feelings”. The other direction already suggests the opener “Kids Im Park”, which sounds bulky and is directed by cutting guitars. The following “Frisbee” opens the dancefloor with Trap-Hi-Hats and a lot of nonchalance. The songs are guitar-based, a little less homogeneous than on the first of the two long players.

In addition to the ever-present interpersonal level, the often loose text fragments also subtly reveal the political. In addition to the desire for boundless freedom, frontman Maurice Ernst sings of the longed-for escape from tiring everyday life (“Kids Im Park”), of outmoded worldviews that a flattened throwing toy has to serve (“Frisbee”), of the search for one’s own (Heart) pain (“I have feelings”). All these are not directly socio-critical topics, the context and the often clearly exaggerated, thereby parodistic presentation of the contents put the songs in the right light, so that the mediated message is not always the same recognizable, the lines in the right moments but light food for thought give. The EU passport action also joins in.

Bilderbuch has once again succeeded in keeping her own art moving in such a way that even after six studio albums boredom never arises. The sound is modern, the songwriting unconventional, the lyrics witty. The four electoral Viennese do not care about the unspoken rules of pop-business, they still go their own way. By doing so, they are giving themselves the freedom to resort to such effective promo moves as the pass action, which reaches far more people than just their own fans and has the power to unleash new thinking. As an art form, music can still make meaningful statements in 2019. Nice.

You can buy the album “mea Culpa” here. *

You can buy the album “Vernissage My Heart” here. *

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Picture book live 2019:

4.6. – Würzburg, Posthalle
07.04. – Stuttgart, Beethoven Hall
08.04. – Offenbach, Capitol
09.04. – Oberhausen, Turbine Hall
11.04. – Leipzig, Haus Auensee
12.04. – Hannover, Capitol
13.04. – Cologne, Palladium
14.04. – Kassel, Stadthalle
16.04. – Munich, Zenith
17.04. – Hamburg, Docks
18.04. – Berlin, Columbiahalle (sold out!)
19.04. – Berlin, Columbiahalle (additional show)
24.04. – Innsbruck, Dogana (AT)
24.05. – Vienna, Schönbrunn Palace (AT) (sold out!)
25.05. – Vienna, Schönbrun Palace (AT) (additional show)
13.07. – Linz, Donaugelände (AT)
24.08. – Graz, open-air arena B (AT)

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