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Already in the last year, we did not only look back on the past year in our personal annual reviews. but we also tried a round-up of the most exciting new artists of the coming year. Of course, we want to maintain this tradition. Which singers, singers, bands, musicians and musicians should be on the radar in 2019? Which artists do we expect to get off to a good start this year? Which newcomers should you not miss?

Amilli (#Pop)

The very first. At the age of only 18, Amelie Flörcke was the first to win the promotion prize of the 1Live Krone last year and has since been considered a very big insider tip. Amilli comes straight from the pot, but makes music that could actually come from the very big cities of the world. With her singles “Rarri”, “Maybe” and “Heights” she was absolutely convincing last year and hopefully will release her first studio album in 2019. Her music can be categorized into the Pop / R’n’B direction, bringing with it super laid-back and casual vibes and just plain good-sounding. However, her voice turns out to be absolutely engaging, which is very warm, classical and more than convincing. That Amilli is so young, you definitely will not hear out here. This year you can hear them live at the Cosmonaut Festival as well as the Eurosonic Festival and the Popsalon Festival. Whoever has not heard this voice should not miss it! (Alina)

Blinker (# Alternative / Indie)

Earworm to go? Please, here you have turn signals. He has been on tour as Mine support and describes himself as a guy who “played for ten years in guitar bands and then watched ten times 8 mile ten times and now makes music that sounds just like that”. Aha. We would classify the 25-year-old Mannheimer somewhere between a poppy version of Heisskalt with a pinch of nerves and maybe a hint of Kettcar. In any case, it sounds modern and extremely promising, goes in the ear and deals lyrically with critical observations and problems from everyone’s everyday life. In doing so, Blinker does not talk about the bush, but brings to the point, what bothers him. The single “Luft” is the catchy harbinger of his debut EP “Blicke”, which will be released in March 2019 and is already pretty curious. In addition, Blinker is going on a solo tour to Cologne, Berlin and Hamburg in April. Should you look at yourself! (Yvonne)

bülow (#Pop)

First Lorde, then Billie Eilish, now bülow : 2019 could be the year of born in Germany but grown up in England, Canada, the USA and the Netherlands, who is celebrating her twentieth birthday this year and who has a good chance to make a good start. In 2017 there was the first EP, “Damaged Vol. 1”, followed by the second part last year. Her single “You & Jennifer” is hot on the big radio stations and she was a feature on the remix of the Fall Out Boy hit “The Last Of The Real Ones”. Their sound between Electronica, Trap and R’n’B is modern and not German at all. Five of their seven songs have so far cracked the million mark on Spotify, “Not A Love Song” has already been clicked 36 million times. So far, she has only been able to board the charts in Canada – which is likely to change in her home country. bülow is definitely worth pursuing! (Christopher)

Fever 333 (# Post-Hardcore / Hardcore / Metalcore)

333 stands for the three Cs “Community”, “Charity” and “Change”. The motivations of Fever 333 can be defined on exactly these three points of view and that is why they are such a special and important band in the politically extremely tense year of 2019. The trio was created by Jason Aaron Butler, the frontman of the currently disbanded post-hardcore grenade letlive. With his new act, the already very dedicated musician wants to give even more, so that the band has grown into a band-charity hybrid with The Walking In My Shoes Foundation. Concerts are dubbed as demonstrations, to which people may even receive partial free admission if they bring donations in kind for the needy. In the old letlive style, Butler yells out his anger, supported by Stephen Harrison (formerly The Charriot) and the drummer of Night Verses, Aric Improta. The live shows explode with the energy of the three unstoppable performers, as demonstrated on the recent tour of Bring Me The Horizon, where they as a support group the main act partly played pretty well on the wall. The songs mix (post-) hardcore with modern elements like electro-parts and hip-hop – and of course treat all sorts of politically relevant topics. This is the only way to give the genre a breath of fresh air in 2019. Finally, the debut album “Strength in Numb333rs” will be released on January 18th – there’s a Fever coming! (Julia)

grandson (#Rock)

Music with a strong political message is an urgent necessity in the current, charged time and grandson meets exactly this nerve with his texts. In June, he has released the very direct, political EP “a modern tragedy vol.1”. Thus, “Thoughts and Prayers” deals with shootings in the US, in “6:00” he makes a clear statement against police violence and in “Blood // Water” he criticizes corruption in politics. The Canadian mixes rock with hip-hop beats, which are interrupted again and again by hard electronic breakdowns. In 2018 alone, he played more than 100 concerts and was able to build up such an enthusiastic fan base, which is affectionately called “Grandkids”. The music video for Blood // Water was watched over 2 million times in 2018, grandson was signed by Fueled by Ramen (including Panic! At The Disco, Twenty One Pilots) and also released a remix EP on the Tom Morello and AWOLNATION take on his songs. Meanwhile, new songs are announced, which should be released before the start of his first own headlining tour in February. We are looking forward to hear more from grandson in 2019! (Marie)

Jade Bird (# Singer / Songwriter)

A hell of a lot of songwriting talent and a unique voice – what more do you need, to be honest big start? Jade Bird is just 21 years old and already has millions of songs on the streaming giant Spotify before releasing an album. Each of them is an instant hit that never lets you go. Musically, Bird moves in a country-folk-indie mix, but this genre expresses a very clear pop-stamp, without sacrificing quality. Already in 2017 the first EP was released, in April 2019 it will finally be time for the first album, which will most likely follow the deserved wave of success of the pre-singles. A clear favorite for the starter of the y
ear for radios worldwide. (Julia)

JC Stewart (# Singer / Songwriter)

Irish singer-songwriter JC Stewart has been playing guitar since childhood, composing his own soulful songs. After his debut single in 2016, it had become a bit calmer for the young Irishman. Meanwhile, JC Stewart is nearly twenty and not only released more singles last year, but also toured with Kodaline through Europe’s concert halls. 2019 starts turbulent: as a precursor of Snow Patrol, JC Stewart will now perform in huge international arenas and work on his debut album in parallel. We think that the young swarm of girls, with the soulful voice and emotional lyrics, has what it takes to soon follow in the footsteps of Justin Bieber or Shawn Mendes. (Yvonne)

Jungstötter (# Alternative / Indie)

Fabian Altstötter is no stranger to the German-speaking music scene. With his after a long break last fall dissolved band Sizarr twisted the singer and guitarist since the beginning of the 2010s, any indie fans head. The always melancholic, yet often danceable sound just fit perfectly into the time. The days with Sizarr are now far behind Altstötter, which has matured significantly over the years. Under the new artist synonym Jungstötter , the debut album “Love Is” by the Berlin-based Berliner will be released this February, which will consolidate its position in the music lover’s scene a number of times. The two previously released songs indicate in which direction the project moves: Altstötter sings love in sad ballads, sounds much more tragic and bombastic and uses mostly guitars, strings, drums and piano to express his feelings , The indie influence is subliminally perceptible, but takes a backseat, the singer’s seemingly decades-old vocal organ calls for classical rather than disco. If this high quality goes through the remaining seven songs of “Love Is,” we have one of the most exciting releases of the coming 365 days so early in the year. (Jonas)

Mia Morgan (# Alternative / Indie)

She likes provoking and stands for her unique, outspoken honesty – Mia Morgan from Kassel is also attracting attention with music, but one or the other might already be familiar with their social media profiles or literary follies like “guys / men with whom I had sex / nothing “To be known. On her Soundcloud profile, the all-rounder has also been releasing her own demos for some years now, which, although of a rather modest sound quality, give an idea of ​​the potential that the musician has. On these Mia Morgan treats all taboo subjects in not infrequently linguistic language, sings of sibling love or the wish of a fictional character to visit their own school armed with a gun and … well. The guitar-heavy, with a lot of melody-spiked indie pop, the Kasselerin plays, offers these often spicy lyrics the perfect breeding ground. No wonder that rapper Casper invited the singer to his annual “Back home festival”, “Waveboy” (the only song released on the current streaming portals) and “revenants” are simply damn hits. Hopefully the music year 2019 will also feature a first official release by the young musician. (Jonas)

The Bottom Line (#Punk)

Although their EP “I Still Hate You” was released in 2017, The Bottom Line did not really want it to make an international breakthrough. The four-piece band from London represents exactly what is often missing in the pop-punk scene right now: a cheeky, catchy sound with fast drums and smart lyrics. All the better, then, that last year The Bottom Line was allowed to accompany a band on tour who gave up just that kind of sound: Simple Plan. Especially their fans of the first hour or lovers of the old blink-182 formation should have found in The Bottom Line exactly what they have once loved in Simple Plan. Londoners also released their new single “Reasons” in August, which remains true to the style of the previous EP. It remains to be seen if the next EP (or maybe even an album?) Will finally bring the desired international success for The Bottom Line. (Yvonne)

YONAKA (# Alternative / Indie)

In addition to FEVER 333, YONAKA were also allowed to bring Me The Horizon to the current Tour support – and thus already show a large audience, what they have on it. Some of the songs, as they are in 2018, are pretty much in sync with Spotify – the style suits. YONAKA combine their indie with spoken-word elements, ranging from rock to pop to hip-hop and, above all, create countless varied indie anthems. In addition to connecting to FEVER 333 through the joint tour, YONAKA may also count grandson as their ally as they recently made a remix of the rebellious song “F.W.T.B.”. Just like most of our other newcomers, YONAKA do not want to be beaten down and so often come up with feminism and empowerment. Although a debut album has not yet been confirmed, it should not take too long after such grandiose first songs. (Julia)

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