Matthias Arfmann – Ballet Jeunesse

matthias arfmann ballet jeunesse

What lasts long will finally be good. This saying goes not only for wines, but also for the album “Ballet Jeunesse”. Matthias Arfmann has worked for a full seven years so that old ballet classics can see the light of day in a new guise. The most popular pieces by composers such as Tchaikovsky, Debussy, Khachaturian and many more, Arfmann wants to bring young people and thus even in clubs or the streaming playlists of the “Digital Natives” land. What sounds like an impossible task, Matthias Arfmann has done, because the pieces on “Ballet Jeunesse” really go forward and inspire me. This is not only due to the modern compositions, but also to well-known guests, such as Jan Delay, the American rapper KS One or Bloc Party singer Kele Okereke. Whether “Ballet Jeunesse” will actually run in the club, is still hard to imagine – the general interest in classical music should rise again with this publication. At least I can pass on the following advice to every young student: Nothing relaxes hours of learning better than classical music!

That’s what it sounds like:


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