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Kodaline, Live Music Hall Cologne, 30.10.2018

(You can find the entire picture gallery under the text!) Hardly any band stands for great feelings like Kodaline with her heartbreaking ballads and dramatic music videos. On the 30.10.2018 we tried to find out at the concert in the Cologne Live Music Hall whether the alternative rock band from Dublin can convey great emotions on stage as well. First of all, let’s just tell you: no tears fell on us that night.

As Support Act J. C. Stewart enters the stage of the sold-out Live Music Hall, however, we initially have some sympathy for the young Irishman. The singer-songwriter is not even applauded on the part of the audience because the audience is too busy to stare at their mobile phones. However, J. C. Stewart does not allow himself to be deterred by this and, quite alone, presents with his guitar some soulful pop songs in the style of Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber. Convince JC Stewart not only by his incredibly powerful voice, but also in his natural and very sympathetic way. The young man should be kept in mind in any case!

Something very special are also Wild Youth , which occur as a second opening act. The danceable music of the Irish electropop band is a bit reminiscent of Walk The Moon, but we are a bit too crazy. Singer David Whelan sweeps across the stage, blaring in the utmost of his head, and the audience in Cologne seems to wake up a bit.

When Kodaline finally enters the stage, they are not just applauded also welcomed with raised smartphones. While fans of all ages enjoy the show through their mobile phone displays, they occasionally sing along to some songs from the Irish alternative rock band. Most of the songs can be found on the current album “Politics of Living”. One track at a time is presented, but Kodaline does not seem so motivated. Especially vocalist Steve Garrigan seems very bored and rattles down the songs one after the other without any great emotions or announcements.

Finally, “I Would not Be” – an A Capella song, with guitarist Mark Prendergast, a bass player, makes for a goosebump moment Jason Boland and drummer Vinny May combine their voices into a kind of background choir. Loveless “We are happy to be here” announcements must still be sufficient as audience interaction between the songs. The audience does not seem to mind. They have already stopped singing or moving and have mostly disappeared back to their cell phone screens or in conversations with the neighbors. The set ends with a cover version of the Kygo song “Raging” and the single released in 2015, “Love Will Set You Free.”

While the first viewers are streaming outside, it’s live Music Hall continues with the encore and you can clearly see that these are the two songs that everyone has been waiting for. Kodaline finally play their heartbreaking hits “All I Want” and “High Hopes” and the audience thanks them with vocal songs, while almost every single one of them once again extends his smartphone. A beautiful fanfare finally ends the concert. We are extremely euthanized and (unfortunately) very happy about the end of the evening. Rarely have both the audience and the band managed to appear so unmotivated and bored that it has been transferred to us. It’s a pity, but we will still remember some of the beautiful moments – and for the other viewers, the memories will remain on their smartphones.

That’s what it sounds like:

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