Kakkmaddafakka, Live Music Hall Cologne, 03.02.2018

Kakkmaddafakka Live Music Hall

It’s been a long time since you’ve had to go to the US and the British Isles to discover great indie rock bands. Scandinavia has been producing a large number of talented artists over the past few years, inspiring more and more fans not only domestically but also internationally, filling large clubs and celebrating successful sales. Worth mentioning here are illustrious names such as The Hives, Mando Diao or Kakkmaddafakka, who played last Saturday in the Cologne Live Music Hall. Granted, my time with Kakkmaddafakka on the ears was a bit longer ago and somehow I was a bit surprised at the location announcement that this committed indie rock band was booked directly for the Live Music Hall, the musicians were already in the last two years each in Cologne and have filled both times the Live Music Hall. So Kakkmaddafakka seem to have a loyal and, as it turns out, very fanatical fan base.

But first it started with COSBY, who offered pleasant Pop with female vocals a la CHRVCHES. Very entertaining and a good introduction to the evening. After a brisk break, Kakkmaddafakka finally entered the stage or each musician of the band entered the stage one by one and had their party first. Rock Star Attitude? A little bit. Embarrassing? No play, because the energetic Norwegians transferred their good mood from the first second to the audience and sprayed a lot of wit, charm and irony on stage. From the songs of the last album “Hus” to the all-time classics “Restless”, “Forever Alone” and “Is She” everything was offered that the dance-mad people wanted to hear. The fact that more is danced in the front rows than at the back, is a matter of course at almost every concert – especially in the very last few rows, but then it was really off again. Here, some young women had the fun of their lives and took advantage of all the free space to really swing the dance floor. Only the fact that the last album is really quiet and no longer as catchy as its predecessors could not fool this concert. Anyway, Kakkmaddafakka have given the concertgoers a merry evening, the acute urge to move is probably homemade in the Norwegians: Better you move than to freeze.

That’s what it sounds like:

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Post image by Linn Heidi Stokkedal.

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