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Hi! Spencer – Not Out, But Continue

Hi Spencer Keep Out But Go On

Good German-speaking indie rock is difficult. Soon the lyrics are too cheesy, pretentious or get lost in meaningless lines of text. Fortunately, there are always bands that oppose the adversities and prove that you can also write texts for which you must not be ashamed of every second line. And the Osnabrücker Hi! Spencer will show you how to do it right on their new album, which will be released on 15.02.19!

The album title “Do not get out, but continue” is also the motto of the album. Departure from bad situations and even if it is not perfect, a step in any direction is at least better than none and at least a good start. This spirit of optimism also connects the two previously decoupled singles “north” and “switch me off”, who have already revealed a significant further point of the album: there is catchy danger. Because these two songs are not the only ones on the record that have been planted right in my head, so I probably never get rid of them again. Another example would be “fear is a magnet”. And as encouraging as the songs may sound musically at first, the lyrics are so serious. Be it in the context of love, fear of failure or self-doubt. The big issue of fear runs through the album.

While most of the songs deal with very personal topics, “Behind the Moon” revolves around the topic of the right-wing. But instead of an angry “in-the-face-punk song”, it’s arguably the quietest song on the album that deals with reasons, trying to find out why someone builds hatred out of an unfounded fear. Quieter sounds are also struck at the dramatic “cliffs” before they discharge to the end in a pent-up storm. With the song “Landfill” and the line “Doubts on the Landfill” it is an optimistic conclusion and I am looking forward to hearing this chorus sung at festivals in the choir.

Hi! Spencer manage to spread security with their music while fueling wanderlust. They commute between euphoria and depressing loneliness. With feeling, cordiality and a great pack of wanderlust, they arm themselves for the fight against their own demons and manage to circumnavigate all kitsch on this journey. And so have Hi! In any case, Spencer has written an album that will be with me many times this year.

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And that sounds like this:

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HI! SPENCER live 2019

16.02.19 Hagen a. TW – Restaurant Stock
10.04.19 Hannover – Lux
11.04.19 Berlin – Music & Peace
12.04.19 Hamburg – Molotow
13.04.19 Bremen – Cultural Center Winery
03.05.19 Meppen 17.05.19 Essen – Weststadthalle
23.05.19 Kassel – Slaughterhouse
24.05.19 Dresden – Groovestation

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