grandson – a modern tragedy vol. 2

Crossover is back! Hip newcomers like Yungblud, FEVER 333 or even Grandson breathe new life into a genre long declared dead. Of course, everyone has their own approach; Grandson relies most on electrical distortion. Thus, the hardest moments of his music are created not just by guitar breakdowns or shouts, but by imposing tempests of different electrical levels. Grandson sings melodic, sometimes aggressive, sometimes almost casually his politically motivated lyrics. This is already known from his previous songs and part one of “a modern tragedy” (review) and that remains true to the second part of the musical building set of Jordan Edward Benjamin.

“apologize” begins with an acoustics Guitar, then goes into vocal singing, which leads to a hip-hop refrain followed by guitar riffs. Crossover! While you still want to waver your hands in a hip-hop manner, “Stigmata” turns off in a completely different direction and fires everything in the direction of Moshpit. The speed is enormously high, the guitars are more dominant and distorted, the sound more aggressive. Thematically it goes from introspective to external perception and thus into familiar terrain. In the following “What U Wanted” the electric-cool sounds fight back to the surface, grandson even talks-sings in a relaxed manner in front of a reclined beat that only the last bridge can break. “Falling” in the old Eminem tradition relies on speed and dark sounds, until then “Dark Side” retains this atmosphere and only breaks the darkness with a squeaky high classic rock guitar.

The sound cosmos of grandson rests on clear cornerstones and has already become an unmistakable sound. In the second part of the modern tragedy, grandson does not do any experiments, but continues to think consistently about the ideas already presented. Five very varied songs, ranging from mosh pit to paddling and as usual put on sophisticated lyrics prove once again that crossover is far from dead. And that grandson is rightly among our list of the most promising newcomers!

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