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Gentle indie pop for the quiet evenings

Swaying Wires I Left A House Burning

No matter how much stress at the beginning of the new year. Does that really have to be? Swaying Wires say: Nope! And with their new work I Left A House Burning they bring a lot of composure. Then the house burns – no matter. Much has happened in the lives of band members Tina Karkinen, Sami Lehtonen, Nicklas Hagen and Jussi Virkkumaa since they released their debut album, Some Blue Sky in 2013. New countries have been toured, new places discovered, personal crises and achievements conquered and celebrated, and the globe has continued to spin while the band has worked on their new record. All these emotions can now be heard on the new CD I Left A House Burning – for fans who like to make themselves comfortable on the couch with a hot chocolate and listen to gentle indie-pop sounds. All I have to do is say: Enjoy it!

Here’s the thing!

And that sounds like this:

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