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Foals – Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1

Foals - Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1

Math Rock is a diffused genre. Between melody, 15/16 bars, guitar banter and danceable grooves, there are only a few artists who have in the past managed to make the core characteristics of the demanding music genre accessible to the masses. An exception to this gloomy niche genre is formed by foals from the English city of Oxford, who have in the course of their 14-year career, more and more removed from their intricate origins, but otherwise as pioneers of indie math hundreds of thousands of music fans showed that clean delay Gefrickel and accent shifts can certainly go into the ear. At the latest, the dance floor smasher “My Number” also ran in the format radio and ensured sold-out arena shows and headlining positions at the biggest festivals. “Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1” is the first of two planned Foals albums in 2019 and represents the first musical output of the British after the departure of bassist Walter Gervers dar. The band uses here less after the stars of Rock Olymps than on the two predecessors and delivers a much more concept-oriented complete works.

So you measure on the fifth Foals long player the absolute overcrowding, which the Vorwerke had each already presented in advance as a single. The nine new foals pieces – at “Surf Pt. 1 “is an instrumental interlude – this orientation on the whole is extremely good. Each song is musically already for itself, presents other sides of the British. So “In Degrees” is probably the closest to a techno track than all previous songs of the quartet, but never measures the typical Foals guitar gimmicks. “White Onions”, on the other hand, wallow in the usual fickle dancefloor spheres and “On The Luna” dances between slightly oblique reef and catchiness, but is too twisted to mutate to the next indie anthem.

Bulky and It gets more atmospheric, among other things, in “Cafe D’Athens”, whose xylophone sounds go down a bit along with the other very striking pieces and “I’m Done with the World”, a reduced piano ballad featuring the album let it fade away. The bass-borne “Syrups” and the laid-back indie-pop ballad “Sunday” also begin more relaxed, but break each in the middle section and then dedicated to much euphoric and danceable beats and moods. Foals, who produced an album for the first time, notice the newly gained creative freedom, which the band had announced in interviews, especially here. The new songs are bursting with ideas and great tunes, while deliberately turning their back on conventions.

The two new Foals works also turn to new content, are more socially critical, more political. “Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1” is primarily dedicated to dystopian scenarios, but vocalist Yannis Philippakis also allows current references to flow in again and again, giving the impression that these terrifying visions of the future are no longer too far away. For example, “Exits” deals with multi-millionaires who, for fear of natural disasters, have secluded security bunkers built to escape into an emergency.

Foals are still outliers in 2019 as well in addition to many great predictable and mass rock bands. The Oxfordern manages again to master the balancing act between catchiness and creative freedom. Consciously refraining from the big hit, “Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1” presents a lot of small hits and works surprisingly well as a complete work. According to the band, the second part of the album series to appear this fall and turn out a bit more guitar-heavy. That can only be terrific.

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Foals live 2019:

12.05. – Brussels, AB (sold out!) (BE)
15.05. – Lausanne, Les Docks (CH)
17.05. – Luxembourg, The Studio (sold out!) (LUX)
19.05. – Amsterdam, Paradios (sold out!) (NL)
20.05. – Berlin, Huxley’s New World (sold out!)
05.06. – Hamburg, Docks (sold out!)
07.-09.06 – Rock Am Ring / Rock In the Park

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