Donna Missal – This Time

Donna Missal was born in the cradle. Even her grandmother and her father were active in the field of music and paved MIssal now the way into the big world of sheet music and bars. But now Missal faces the same challenge as all musicians at the beginning of their careers. A very own sound has to come from here. And without a doubt: this task has mastered its debut with flying colors!

Somewhere in the field of tension of the most diverse genre sits Missal’s voice sublime. Sometimes fragile, sometimes sensual, sometimes very strong and decisive. Similar to the vocals, the album also behaves musically and can fall back in a very short time on the most diverse songwriting structures. Already in the opener “Girl” strings and a soul-choir are dressed in a modern indie-garb, just so that the following “driving” with snippets and noisy sounds has nothing at all to do with indie. Although Missal was obviously influenced by many classics, “This Time” always finds its way to the year 2019. Best example of this is probably “Jupiter”, which works with electronic Gewaber and modern R’n’B, but above all by the radiant clear and powerful chorus can shine. In return, the ballad-like pieces of the album have less recent relevance, most notably “Test my Patience”, which fluctuates between epic widescreen vocals à la Mariah Carey and the tender tones of a Lana del Rey. Quite impressive what gives Missal’s voice volume that way, but more catchy are usually the pieces that dare more. It stands out “Keep Lying”, which would work as background music in an old black and white film and again underlines Missal’s impressive range. Finally, the title track finishes a debut that combines many influences and repeatedly penetrates into oversized soundscapes. Donna Missal has undoubtedly crafted a very idiosyncratic mixture of soul and indie, which is often quoted, but usually shines with the right degree of originality. Not every song goes directly into the ear, few take the easy earwig way. However, with this debut, Missal will surely thrill fans of acts as diverse as Mariah Carey, Alessia Cara, Banks, and Bishop Briggs.

In the self-confident empowerment song Transformer, Missal sings “I never miss when I take my.” aim “- and exactly this thesis confirms” This Time “along its entire length. The talent that is born of one should therefore also be exploited!

And that sounds like this:

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