dodie – Human

Hardly any song belongs to a hitherto unknown artist, already the first Germany show in front of 1000 people months before completely sold out. After the first Google work shows in the case of dodie, however, that this is not only due to the really great songs like “The Middle” – because “full-time” makes the young Briton a YouTube channel, but one of the good.

No question, then, that this do-it-yourself prodigy can also completely enthuse with the now third EP “Human”. While “monsters” still indulge in indulgent flickering over bubbling Electro-tones and then break into anthemic choirs, “Not What I Meant” and “Human” rely on strings and soft tones. dodie, native of Dorothy Miranda “Dodie” Clark, dominates both types of play with her warm voice. Somewhere in the indie-metier dodie sometimes plays carefree, yet moving songs of the soul that have fascinating depths. Thus, “She” tells a truly heartbreaking story, “If I’m Being Honest” is one of those inconsequential love songs that find fitting words for this indescribable state, “Burned Out” again sets the adulation of an unreachable person. And all this before the most tender harmonies and the gentlest sounds.

Now dodie has found her own style, working with fancy lyrics and moving melody leads. How wonderful that not only YouTube fans should be aware of this exceptional talent. Because the music world has kept a very warm place between the musical neighbors Kate Nash and Soko for you, dodie!

And that sounds like this:

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dodie live 2019:

  • 14.02.2019 Canteen Cologne
  • 15.02.2019 Grünspan Hamburg
  • 21.02.2019 Columbiaclub Berlin

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