Debris – Interzone

Debris interzone

German-speaking rock band Trümmer from Hamburg released their new album “Interzone” these days and admittedly brought me into inner conflict. First off: The look of the album I like on the whole pretty well. The cover and the swaying sound between dirty guitar riffs and disreputable indie pop haunt me a little bit – and generally the whole band is excitingly interesting, not the next recycling band producing two mediocre albums and disappearing somewhere in the back of the couch. But somehow “Interzone” leaves me sobering after the last song. Completely picked up I do not feel, ignore or be boring, what I have just heard is also not in it. So what to write about it? So let’s take a look at the press release.

The album of a generation that is allowed and wants everything, but nowhere really arrives, it says here, mutatis mutandis. Finally, I can not shake the feeling that I had found the album at a live concert with beer in hand great. Questionable, if “Interzone” will arrive at my place someday. So I’m obviously part of this lost generation, which finally puts me in front of the question that leads me back to the new rubble album: Is that good or bad?

That’s what it sounds like

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