Death Cab for Cutie, Live Music Hall, 06.02.2019

For many, Death Cab for Cutie is one of the indie bands par excellence. After all, the Seattle-based musicians have been able to stay on the scene ever since 2003. They are currently touring Europe with their latest album “Thank You For Today”. We watched the concert in the sold-out Cologne Live Music Hall.

Death Cab for Cutie are not one of those bands who want to thrill the audience with a breathtaking show. They simply stand on stage and let their music speak, without pompous light show, without elaborately designed backdrop or other stage decoration. That would not fit at all. The melancholic mood of their songs and the often deeply sad lyrics convey enough atmosphere and let the listeners dive into their own emotional world so much that they would probably not notice any of the show elements anyway. That may explain why the audience was remarkably calm and reserved last Wednesday. Except for a few, tentative cheers for individual songs and good applause the Cologne was not much to elicit on this evening. Even though Death Cab may not be a band that encourages euphoric dancing or jumps of joy, it could have been a bit more enthusiastic on the part of the audience.

The band delivered a very solid performance over almost two hours, the knew how to shine with some pearls. In addition to the well-known hits like “Soul Meets Body” or “Transatlanticism” sat for me especially “60 & Punk” from the remaining indie guitar songs. As Ben Gibbard sang with his soft voice to the reduced keyboard music of how his erstwhile “Superhero” slowly but surely lost his dignity and joie de vivre to the alcohol, that was right in the heart. The atmosphere was similarly intimate during “I Will Follow You Into The Dark”, which the singer played as the first encore, accompanied only by his acoustic guitar and the devotional singing of some fans. The complete range of instruments was offered on “I Will Possess Your Heart”, in whose intro Gibbard switched between guitar and keyboard. There was enough time for that, after all, the intro lasted just over five minutes and did pretty much everything the indie heart desires. And accordingly, the faces of the visitors were happy and satisfied when they left the Live Music Hall, despite or because of all the beautiful melancholy.

And that sounds like this:

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