De Staat, Rosenhof Osnabrück, 02.03.2019

De Staat, Rosenhof Osnabrück, 02.03.2019

On the six days of the Carnival, people are either drunk as many as possible Dorftöpeln from the near and far surroundings or escapes from the otherwise so comfortable cathedral city. In recent years, the author of this text has always been drawn to the same time over time: exile. So what could be the better reason to pay a visit to the small city of Osnabrück and combine the trip with a concert? So it was on Carnival Saturday in the beautiful Rosenhof to the crazy Dutchmen of De Staat. Again, the effects of the “cultural event” should not spare you.

Already on arrival in the fourth largest city of Lower Saxony greeted a disguised jecke and the obligatory city carnival parade. Phew, is that also here? Damn it. Unsurprisingly, in the evening at the half-filled location, you will also find a multitude of visibly drunk and drunk – luckily little costumed – people who turn out to be happy to dance, but rather reckless. Mozes & The Firstborn take on the costume part, and as a starter they spread a lot of the 90s Rock feeling and especially catch the eye with the Power Rangers suit by singer Melle Dielesen. Otherwise, what the country colleagues of the five De Staatler deliver, hardly far from the rock mainstream.

This can not be said of the main course of the evening. The state is probably one of the most exciting things that the non-English-speaking European rock scene in recent years has produced: unconventional lyrics, unusual and exciting guitar and synthesizer sounds, ecstatic instrumentals. In the live situation, the electro rock numbers work even better than on record – the bass creaks neatly, the drums have more pressure. Again and again, singer Torre Florim stands with outstretched arms in front of the microphone stand, conducting the often oriental-looking melodies and the dancing mass like a snake charmer. Both the song material and the audience are in the hands of the front man.

Later, the 33-year-old and all-rounder Rocco Bell stand alone in the front stage area while the three colleagues step into the background and lead to ” Pikachu “, a choreography that would probably be more likely to be a boy band concert than a rock show. Just such moments, these not always 100 percent serious attitude, support the often ridiculously simple, but always efficient melodies. But for the guitar and drum solo in the outro of “Fake It Till You Make It”, the rest of the actors, who contribute a great deal to the often gradually layered sound walls, also get the deserved attention. Even if guitarist Vedran Mircetic falls into oblivion on his small pedestal, he and his innumerable footsteps contribute probably the largest melody part to the overall construct De Staat. You may also go under something.

The crowd dances in the loud passages. In the quieter moments, however, too many visitors lose themselves in private conversations. Too bad. The alcohol-soaked, charged energy of the carnival days has also worn itself into the evening. After a few songs, the band has to interrupt a song, as an older, clearly drunk man starts to tease in the front rows with other fans. The rest of the show, the mood is euphoric, scratching again and again but also on the border of “too much”. Of course, the state can do nothing for it. The Dutch deliver, keep the mood up anyway. Where every other band would have left the stage annoyed, the five musicians simply make the best of the situation. This leaves a nice, but slightly exhausting concert. Thanks Carnival.

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Photo by Jonas Horn.

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