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Concert Report: Three Days Grace + We Are The Ocean, Live Music Hall Cologne

Three Days Grace Concert Review

Finally a rocking evening at the Cologne Live Music Hall! Eternity seems to be there, that I was allowed to experience something like that, but with We Are The Ocean and Three Days Grace there was an interesting concert, which attracted many enthusiastic fans of Alternative Rock besides me. So the event was completely sold out and two good-humored bands presented their best-known hits. While the band We Are The Ocean mostly – unfortunately – focused on their rather moderate last release Ark, Three Days Grace played a colorful mix of new and old hits. Both classics of the first CD such as Home or Just Like You were included in the set, as well as songs from the last year released album like Painkiller or Fallen Angel. Frontman Matt Walst, who took on the heavy succession of popular with the fans Adam Gontier in 2013, seemed to have come through numerous concerts in recent years well in his role, the band presented in a good mood and playful. And also the audience was satisfied with the performance of the Canadians. The absolute highlight was a drum and keyboard interlude and a following drum solo, in which drummer Neil Sanderson could show what he has on the box. After a set of 19 songs, Three Days Grace left the stage and left happy fans behind. A successful evening!

Here is the last We Are The Ocean album!

Here is the last Three Days Grace album!

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