Coasts bring the sunshine to Cologne’s nightlife!


Finally feel the sun’s rays on your skin and listen to the finest indie rock. That’s how spring has to be! The cheerful indie rock band Coasts presented themselves in a cheerful mood in Studio 672 of the Kölner Stadtgarten – by the way the perfect location for this band and at the same time one of the most beautiful venues I have ever visited. The band had their terrific, self-titled debut album, which only so sprayed in the sun. Heart-warming earwigs like Oceans, Modern Love, Wolves, Wash Away and and and are on it! Fans of I Heart Sharks and The Kooks will find exactly what they’re looking for.

So, coasts wafted through their set, providing an atmospheric live performance that really had nothing to complain about. Sympathetic guys with great music, who then promise to come back to Germany as soon as possible, as they had no time to visit the city in Cologne, for example. That sounds like a complete package, which you should definitely check out!

Here you can buy the album!

That sounds like this:

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