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TÜSN – Trendelburg

“Welcome to Trendelburg. Hear the verdict for your failure. You will all be killed by lightning. “The start in this album is certainly not positive. And so really smart you will not from the lines at first hearing either. Who or what is actually Trendelburg? First of all, Trendelburg is a small town in Hesse. But the much more interesting thing about it is the legend, which revolves around the name of Trendelburg and serves as the leitmotif of the TÜSN album.

In short, the story Read More

Frittenbude – Rote Sonne

A drawn smilie, electric beats, expressionless vocals. Those who have not yet dealt with the Frittenbude phenomenon will likely dismiss the latest album “Rote Sonne” as a simple party guarantor for friends of various substances at first glance. How much more is behind the superficial facade, fans of the band have long known. On the band’s current fifth album, the seriousness even comes to the fore even more. What still does not mean in the colorful Frittenbude universe that you should not Read More

Foals – Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1

Foals - Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1

Math Rock is a diffused genre. Between melody, 15/16 bars, guitar banter and danceable grooves, there are only a few artists who have in the past managed to make the core characteristics of the demanding music genre accessible to the masses. An exception to this gloomy niche genre is formed by foals from the English city of Oxford, who have in the course of their 14-year career, more and more removed from their intricate origins, but otherwise as pioneers of indie math hundreds of thousands Read More

Alice Phoebe Lou – Paper Castles

Alice Phoebe Lou is an independent artist through and through. This not only means the organizational facets of her work, but also the music as such. How much her attitude determines her entire career was also demonstrated by her rejection of a support slot for Coldplay’s European tour. Alice Phoebe Lou was born in South Africa, but moved to Berlin after spending a year abroad in Europe. Since then, the DIY musician has been making street fanfare into a fanbase, releasing EPs and an album. Read More

Stella Donnelly – Beware of the Dogs

The power lies in calm. Beware of the Dog. Idioms and signs on houses – words that constantly surround us, but which we barely notice. Stella Donnelly puts her debut album at the service of inconspicuousness, but with quiet emphasis on the lower levels.

Quite unexcited, the album rises with “Old Man”, an indie song with a melancholy undertone, the unrestrained criticism of patriarchal structures practices. “Oh are you scared of me old man?” Donnelly asks quite bluntly, remaining Read More

Stereokeys – II

Last summer we introduced you to the newcomer Stereokeys, which inspired us at the Youth Brigade Festival. In the meantime, the ambitious Sauerlanders have worked diligently in the studio and found a homeland label Homebound Records, over which they have now released the second EP with the simple title “II”.

The four songs of the EP can be quickly recognized that the band has further refined their style, which oscillates somewhere between indie pop and alternative rock. The sophisticated Read More

grandson – a modern tragedy vol. 2

Crossover is back! Hip newcomers like Yungblud, FEVER 333 or even Grandson breathe new life into a genre long declared dead. Of course, everyone has their own approach; Grandson relies most on electrical distortion. Thus, the hardest moments of his music are created not just by guitar breakdowns or shouts, but by imposing tempests of different electrical levels. Grandson sings melodic, sometimes aggressive, sometimes almost casually his politically motivated lyrics. This is already known Read More

Picture Book – Vernissage My Heart

Picture Book - vernissage my heart

It’s not a bold political statement, but a clear one. On February 15th, the Indie-Popper picture book will be releasing their single “Europa 22”, flanked by an action that draws its circles. On the website https://bilderbucheuropa.love fans, hater, interested can make their very own EU passport, which is then available in image form. The band thus strengthens the statement that they themselves leave in the song: “A life without limits. A freedom to give away. A freedom not to think. “

Read More

Mozes and the Firstborn – Dadcore

Mozes and the Firstborn - Dadcore

And suddenly it does not get any further: “Rock music is dead!” Where yesterday sweaty mane , rang out loud guitars and amplifiers, today there is a supposed ban on the house. Now rappers and DJs have moved into the charts, which these days more than ever rely on singles and mixtapes. But behold, even a rock band can do that! At least she claims. Mozes and the Firstborn have been using “Dadcore” since Friday. Whether the mixtape experiment of the Dutch is doing well?

“Dadcore” Read More

Donna Missal – This Time

Donna Missal was born in the cradle. Even her grandmother and her father were active in the field of music and paved MIssal now the way into the big world of sheet music and bars. But now Missal faces the same challenge as all musicians at the beginning of their careers. A very own sound has to come from here. And without a doubt: this task has mastered its debut with flying colors!

Somewhere in the field of tension of the most diverse genre sits Missal’s voice sublime. Sometimes Read More

KYTES – Frisbee

The indie band KYTES has done a lot in recent years. In autumn 2016 they released their debut album “Heads & Tales”, followed by an extended tour of Germany and a packed summer of 2017 with over 35 festivals, followed by a slightly calmer year 2018. On Friday the Munich release their new EP “Frisbee” They make it even in the freezing cold, summon summer holiday feelings.

The EP is the first release on the band’s own label “Frisbee Records”, with which the four musicians want to Read More

Press Club – Late Teens

Teenage time is a very special moment. Here children develop into independent persons, go through the most different emotional situations and are often exhausting for all other people. A debut album titled “Late Teens” can therefore quickly raise the expectations that this is a semi-hot plate, taken in a garage, packed with a lot of heartache. Or play Press Club only with all?

For a particularly long time the questioning does not even stop, instead the opener “Crash” closes the Read More

White Lies – FIVE

Just missing the track “FIVE” on their fifth album is actually just logical in the sound of White Lies. Why mess around with any creative titles, if the content is already foreseeable anyway? Sounds a little hard at first glance, but in the end, it’s not a bad judgment at all. On the contrary!

If a band has mastered the merging of post-punk and new wave in the 21st century again and again fabulous, then these are the White Lies. And that’s exactly why it is quite a joy game for Read More

Wicca Phase Springs Eternal – Suffer On

Wicca Phase Springs Eternal - Suffer On

Hardly any genre has made such a sweeping change in the past as Emo. From the early days in post-hardcore, to the melancholy-saturated math and indie rock of the late 90s, to the fashions with eyeliner-smeared hair and eyeliner smeared eyes in the early 2000s, the music genre drifted around in the trend, rather completely past this. For some years now, the notorious genre offshoot has conquered a hitherto unexplored, at first glance, rather strange, music genre: hip-hop.

This new Read More

Hi! Spencer – Not Out, But Continue

Hi Spencer Keep Out But Go On

Good German-speaking indie rock is difficult. Soon the lyrics are too cheesy, pretentious or get lost in meaningless lines of text. Fortunately, there are always bands that oppose the adversities and prove that you can also write texts for which you must not be ashamed of every second line. And the Osnabrücker Hi! Spencer will show you how to do it right on their new album, which will be released on 15.02.19!

The album title “Do not get out, but continue” is also the motto of the Read More

Taking Back Sunday – Twenty

Taking Back Sunday is well known to anyone with a taste for the big 1990s emo boom. Unlike many of the other big bands, however, the band will still be around in 2019 – and will be releasing a hearty best-of for its 20th anniversary. This kind of compilation seems quite outdated, especially in the age of streaming services, because anyone could save their own favorite songs of each band into a separate playlist anyway – paying the songs you’ve already purchased on individual albums does Read More

dodie – Human

Hardly any song belongs to a hitherto unknown artist, already the first Germany show in front of 1000 people months before completely sold out. After the first Google work shows in the case of dodie, however, that this is not only due to the really great songs like “The Middle” – because “full-time” makes the young Briton a YouTube channel, but one of the good.

No question, then, that this do-it-yourself prodigy can also completely enthuse with the now third EP “Human”. While “monsters” Read More

Banana Roadkill – SHELTER

Banana Roadkill Shelter

Banished from any outside influence in a remote rural house, Banana Roadkill have recorded their EP SHELTER. The record, which will be released on January 18, shows how the alternative rock duo has developed since their debut “A Quiet Conversation”. The sequel is darker, less playful and altogether grown-up.

After a few moments of the first restrained sounds, the first song “III” explodes into a violent thunderstorm to return to softer melodies after a short time. The already pre-released Read More

Blood Red Shoes – Get Tragic

Blood Red Shoes. Get Tragic

Yeah, indie rock is dead. That’s why the wombats indulge in trivial synth pop banter, haunting the Arctic Monkeys somewhere in the emptiness between lounge music and jazz and betting their classic at Bloc Party “Silent Alarm” immediately in a second slide, after the experimental grip “Hymns” went completely into the toilet – with the old stuff it is just fine. The indestructible rock band has not gotten too far from its core to remain interesting and relevant, but can help with songwriting Read More

Skunk Anansie – 25Live @ 25

Skunk Anansie 25Live @ 25

Happy 5th Quarter, Skunk Anansie ! In 1994, one of the most individualized bands the music business ever had was founded in London. At the instrumental level, a tightrope walk between Rock, Indie, Metal, Alternative and Brit-Pop – vocally refined with a black soul voice that can also rock and also has political sayings. In the 25 years, there were six studio albums, a best of, an acoustic live record, almost ten years break, little bad headlines and solo projects, but Read More