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Interview with Blood Red Shoes on “Get Tragic”!

(ENGLISH VERSION BELOW) Blood Red Shoes are an alternative rock duo from Brighton. For more than 14 years, singer and guitarist Laura-Mary Carter and drummer Steven Ansell have been making music together, with a total of four albums to date. After a short creative break, the band is back – with “Get Tragic”, the fifth album, which presents the band’s most varied sound so far. We were allowed to ask Steven Ansell questions. To this album, but also to the women quota at Read More

Interview with Leoniden about “Again” – Part 2!

Leoniden Interview 2018

The title of Germany’s most diligent and perfectionist band is no longer needed Since the Leonids from Kiel came into the field of view of the national indie scene in 2017 – there is hardly any need for discussion about the fact that the five members are putting everything into their bands right down to the last detail and discussing every last detail in their own planning. There are 140 shows in two years, regardless of the scale, of which you always have your own lighting and sound engineer, Read More

Interview with KYTES about “Frisbee”

For the last 1.5 years it was pretty quiet around the Munich indie pop band KYTES. We met with them before their tour start in Cologne and asked what they have been doing lately and what we can hope for from the EP “Frisbee”, which will be released in January.

96s.info: How are you?

Tim: Very well. We were very busy right now. Arrive here, quickly soundcheck, build everything, briefly eat something, then interview. But we have not Read More

Interview with Leoniden about “Again” – Part 1!

Leoniden Interview Again 2018 by ConstantinTimm

“Leonids? Never heard of! “- so many music-loving people reacted at the beginning of last year, when the little-minded early ghosts reported joyfully about their new sweetheart. No wonder – at that time, the indie band, which is now on everyone’s lips and is served by talk show to talk show, not even released their debut album. Towards the end of the following year 2018 you can now draw a completely different balance. Hardly any German music act is currently being celebrated, praised and Read More

Interview with Au / Ra about her career start and her new EP “X Games”!


A steep rollercoaster ride, on the way to the top. This can certainly prove Jamie Lou Stenzel aka Au / Ra 2018 definitely. At just sixteen, Au / Ra has already released two EPs, was a part of Alan Walker’s number one hit “Darkside” and has not been compared to stars like Lana del Rey for a reason. Just in time for the release of their latest EP “X Games” and their single “Emoji” we asked Au / Ra a few questions:

96s.info : Hey Au / Ra, we are very happy to Read More

Interview with Her’s about “Invitation to Her’s” and drum machine!

Her's Interview Invitation to Her's

Her’s from Liverpool are a weird duo. Some preferred to study from the Norwegian province in the English Hanseatic city, the other for similar reasons from a small British town in the city. During their studies, the two people from different corners of the world got to know each other. The former is Audun Laading – bassist of the group – second-named Stephen Fitzpatrick, guitarist and singer of the branch band. To round off the strange constellation: A drum computer complements Read More

Interview with Banana Roadkill and The Aqualung!

The Aqualung and Banana Roadkill

The two alternative rock bands Banana Roadkill and The Aqualung are touring together in November. In addition, both The Aqualung with their EP “Fragments”, which will be released on November 2, as well as Banana Roadkill with the on 18.01. appearing “Shelter” new music at the start.

96s.info : You’re going on tour together in November. How did that actually happen? And what are you most looking forward to?

The Aqualung: Last year we Read More

Interview with Stereokeys about Their Experiences and Goals – Part 2!

In the first part of the interview, we have the stereo-echoes about their past experiences and the difficulties of small bands spoken. Enough, now it’s about the big goals of the band, their songwriting and their musical influences.

96s.info: What are your long-term goals with the band?

Benni: We always have one goal …

Tim: The goal is yours! But I would not refuse.

Benni: It Read More

Interview with Stereokeys about their experiences and goals – Part 1!

With the Stereokeys this summer, an indie alternative band has surfaced on the scene that takes us immediately inspired. After their EP and the first performances passed the exam by the critical ears of the 96s.info editorial team, we took a look behind the scenes and talked with Benjamin (vocals, guitar), Stefan (guitar), Christoph (bass) and Tim (drums) met at the band’s own studio in Lennestadt.

96s.info: Thanks for taking the time to do the interview!

Read More

Interview with Deaf Havana about “Rituals”!

Recently “Rituals” released the newest album by Deaf Havana (review here), the the band has led in completely new ways. We were allowed to ask singer and guitarist James Veck-Gilodi some questions about the decision for the new sound as well as about the rituals, the evil and the future of the band.

96s.info: Hello together! First of all, I would like to thank you on behalf of the entire 96s.info editorial team for taking time for us! Your newest album “Rituals” Read More

Interview with Rikas about the festival summer and Wundertüten!

The Stuttgart band Rikas is well on its way to establishing itself in the German music scene. The first EP was released in April and immediately impressed us. Since last year countless support shows have been played for the Parcels, Von Wegen Lisbeth and Fil Bo Riva. The first tour is scheduled for autumn (data below). And this summer, the four Swabians are playing every German festival. We met at the Cosmonaut Festival between performance and backstage catering with Sascha and Chris and Read More

Interview with Inner Tongue about the new album “Favors”!

Inner Tongue Favours

The songwriter, producer and musician Inner Tongue has released his debut album “Favors” at the end of May , We talked to him about his work as well as his voice disturbance, which even made surgery necessary.

96s.info: In the press release for your upcoming album, it says that you’re on one rare voice disorder. How can I imagine that, did you wake up one morning, were you hoarse and had no voice left? Or how did it feel?

Inner Tongue: Read More

Interview with X Ambassadors about “Joyful”!

X Ambassadors Joyful

[German version below.] With “Renegades” X Ambassadors do not have landed a big hit only in the US, but also in Germany. This was followed by tours with Imagine Dragons, Muse and collaborations with Eminem or Machine Gun Kelly. And now they have announced their new album “Joyful” with their single “Do not Stay”. Before their show in Cologne, we talked to the Casey (keyboard) and Adam (drums), while singer Sam sat next to them and could only participate by nodding and Read More

Interview with Prada Meinhoff about her debut album!

After we were able to convince ourselves of the live qualities of electro-punk duo Prada Meinhoff, we could hardly expect the release of the debut album. Meanwhile, the record is almost a month old, but we are still thrilled as in the days of the review (which you can read here). Now we were allowed to ask the two musicians some questions about the development process, musical influences, the German language and the role of bands in times of social networks.

96s.info: Read More

Interview with Bishop Briggs on “Church of Scars”!

With their self-titled EP, Bishop Briggs especially in the US unbelievable successes. The indie pop singer, who is actually called Sarah Grace McLaughlin, was already allowed to open for big acts like Coldplay or Kaleo, was covered by P! Nk and recently booked as a Vodafone song. We have now talked to her about the fast success, favorite films and the musician’s existence before the release of her debut album “Church of Scars” (release: 20.04.2018).

Read More

Interview with Frank Iero about his bad accident, new music and role model!

Interview with Frank Iero about his accident, new music and his role model

German version below) Last year was to begin so well and eventfully for former “My Chemical Romance” guitarist Frank Iero. He was to release his second album “Parachutes”, touring in Australia and going on tour together with Taking Back Sunday in Europe and the UK. Somehow a bigger power up there did not want this to happen so easily. While he was in Australia just before the album was released in October of last year to give some concerts, the 35-year-old suffered a Read More

Interview with The Deadnotes about touring!

The Deadnotes are from Freiburg and make indie / punk. We met with Darius (guitar, vocals) and Jakob (bass, vocals) before their concert in Münster and, after a bit of searching, finally found a room in the university library to talk in peace.

96s.info : Hey! You were on tour in England right now. How was that?

Darius: Basically very cool. So it was not completely new anymore. We were in England for the fifth time, but I think it was Read More

Interview with Shout Out Louds about “Ease My Mind”!

Indie hearts beat faster: After four years of silence, the Shout Out Louds are back with a new album! We talked to singer and frontman Adam Olenius and talked to him about the break, life as a band and concerts in Germany.

96s.info: Hello Adam! Thank you for taking the time to do the interview. You are releasing your new album “Ease My Mind”, four years after the last album “Optica”. What did you do in those four years?

Adam: We took Read More

Interview with Max Richard Leßmann about “Love in times of followers”!

Max Richard Leßmann may well be known as a singer of the indie rock band Vierkanttretlager. Last Friday his first solo album “Liebe im Zeiten der Follower” was released. While music and lyrics at Vierträntretlager tend to sound gloomy, bitter and dirty-rocky, the solo work is downright lively, romantic and full of chanson and swing. Of course, that raised a few questions that Max answered in detail on the phone.

96s.info: Your first solo album, “Love in Time Read More

Interview with Mallory Knox!

Mallory Knox formed in 2009 before their debut album “Signals” appeared in 2013. Meanwhile, the third album “Wired” of the five-member alternative rock band from England has already appeared. Currently, Mallory Knox are on tour with Enter Shikari. Before their show in Dusseldorf on 08.05.2017 we met with singer Mikey Chapman for the interview and talked about the new songs, terror fear and his plan B:

96s.info: First: Congratulations to the release of your new Read More