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Prada Meinhoff, Blue Shell Cologne, 17.12.2018 (+ photo gallery)

Prada Meinhoff are unique in every way. And that must already mean something in the 21st century and in the decade of music streaming. The music market is flooded with acts, a terrific band chasing the next one. All the better is the feeling to think “Wait, I have not heard that yet!” That’s what happened to me last year, when I was allowed to experience Prada Meinhoff in the supporting program of billions. A duo, a man on the bass and a singer who turned the hall upside down within a very Read More

Kodaline, Live Music Hall Cologne, 30.10.2018

(You can find the entire picture gallery under the text!) Hardly any band stands for great feelings like Kodaline with her heartbreaking ballads and dramatic music videos. On the 30.10.2018 we tried to find out at the concert in the Cologne Live Music Hall whether the alternative rock band from Dublin can convey great emotions on stage as well. First of all, let’s just tell you: no tears fell on us that night.

As Support Act J. C. Read More

nothing, nowhere., YUCA Cologne, 28.10.2018

(You can find the entire picture gallery under the text!) For the best evenings count probably those, where one visits without any expectation a concert and surprisingly at the end of the evening completely enthusiastically leaves the location. Exactly this case occurred for us on 28.10.2018 in the YUCA in Cologne, when we looked at the performance of nothing, nowhere. .

The concert had been sold out months before although nothing, nowhere. Read More