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That’s Way Back When Festival 2018!

Not only a look at the calendar, but also at the temperatures shows that autumn has finally come. Thus ends the festival summer 2018. Before the big concert season begins, a wild mix of great indie hopes goes to Dortmund, the fifth installment of the Way Back When Festival. If this weekend is not one, then commerce – this is where the acts of tomorrow will start. Accordingly close is also the list of new discoveries, of which we hope to report more often.

This year the Way Back Read More

That was the Highfield Festival 2018!

Black sky above the Strömthaler See in Großpösna near Leipzig. Lightning brightens up the rainy night, the wind sweeps over the water of the lake and the surrounding fields.

Last year, the Highfield Festival was under no good star – neither bosses could weather it still headliner Billy Talent appear at the around 35,000-strong event and also Placebo had to cancel at short notice due to illness (we reported). Read More

That’s how the jugglers party Attendorn 2018 was!

For good music you do not always have to go to the big cities. The juggling party in Attendorn once again showed once in a while that sometimes it can be found right on its own doorstep. For the 30th time, Attendorn, a small, idyllic Hanseatic city in the Sauerland region, with the support of numerous volunteers for a weekend, became the scene for artists, magicians and not least musicians. On two stages, four bands were allowed to prove their skills on Saturday evening. The special feature: Read More

That’s how the Green Juice Festival 2018 was!

Green Juice Festival 2018 Bonn

If someone puts a lot of love and work into a project and you find the person’s results good , then you should support them as well – it’s that simple. Not only with musicians, people often forget that songs do not write and record themselves. If you do not recognize this complex process and do not support the musicians, there will be no more music in the future. This is similar with festivals. The German festival market is highly competitive. Especially in North Rhine-Westphalia: Great Read More

That’s what the Youth Brigade Festival 2018 was like!

It was only last year that we got carried away by the Youth Brigade Festival in Dortmund (report here) – so many varied, promising Seeing bands on an evening in a location is a miracle! There was no question that we also want to be part of this year’s edition – but a look at the line-up revealed that this year there are much smaller bands, halfway big names like last year Love A and song fat stay out. But that does not mean anything bad at all, shows the evening fast! The concept is simple: Read More

Wintergreen Fest 2018!

Wintergreen Fest 2018

Yesterday, for the first time, the Wintergreen Festival took place in the square around the Paderborn Seagull, a bistro directly on the Lippesee instead of. The indie day festival provided a pleasant atmosphere on the small open-air grounds, where in addition to watching fresh bands, especially the peaceful coexistence was in the foreground. The main stage stood in a meadow, which encouraged some visitors to picnic in front of her in a small group. The Paderborn newcomer Blassfuchs opened Read More

That was the Cosmonaut Festival 2018!

Oh cosmonaut, how can you manage to become even more beautiful every time? Last year and the year before last, we were already raving enough about the fact that there is probably the most beautiful festival area in Germany at the Rabenstein reservoir. Or the fact that the many small details such as the miniature golf course, the Herzblattstudio or simply the lovely decoration create a very special atmosphere. And also the line-up could convince us again and again, not least thanks to the Read More

That was the JuWi-Fest Münster 2018!

Finally it’s June, because that means the festival season has officially started. In addition to the big rock on the ring / skirt in the park duo, many other festivals have already opened their doors. As every year, this includes various events of the largest universities in the country, some of which create impressive line-ups – impressive above all because they are mostly organized by the students themselves. The JuWi-Fest Münster was also able to put together a great mix with well-known Read More

That’s Way Back When Festival 2017!

Way Back When Festival 2017

The Way Back When Festival has been taking place in and around the FZW in Dortmund for several years now Every year, for a weekend, indulgent and indulgent indians lure into the city’s various venues. The Bookers of the Small Lover Festival have proven in recent years to be true discoverers of new stars in the sky of popular music. No wonder that in recent years, next to Annenmaykantereit and From Lisbeth also Wanda were allowed to perform. In addition to the many unknown newcomers – of Read More

That’s how the Highfield Festival 2017 was!

Highfield Festival 2017

The Highfield Festival is located near Leipzig on a peninsula facing a lake – the Störmthaler See – protrudes. This year, from 18 to 20 August, the festival’s organizers drew nearly 35,000 visitors to this island, where they appeared on two slightly staggered stages – the Blue and the Green Stage – including Die Toten Hosen, Kraftklub and Casper. We were on site and were able to look at a number of bands and conditions such as camping, food, environment and sound in front of the stages. Read More

That was the Big Day Out 2017!

The festival landscape in Germany is growing and growing. For as many as 19 years, the Big Day Out in Anröchte can still hold and took place last weekend for the ninth time. This is particularly noteworthy considering that every two years the festival is organized almost exclusively by volunteers around the JZI Anröchte e.V. And yet it is in no way inferior to the larger and more commercial festivals!

Also this year, a good 10,000 visitors found their way to the Bürgerhaus forecourt Read More

That was the Cosmonaut Festival 2017!

Have we ever mentioned how beautiful the Cosmonaut Festival is? The location alone at the Rabenstein reservoir makes it special. But with the lovely decorations, the family atmosphere and the varied supporting program, your heart beats. From the Herzblatt studio, where you can not only find great love, but also win free tickets for the next year, the Creepy Comedy Club with Oliver Polak to the Flunkyball Arena, in which the hosts Kraftklub with this year Had to beat 2: 0 against AnnenMayKantereit Read More