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De Staat, Rosenhof Osnabrück, 02.03.2019

De Staat, Rosenhof Osnabrück, 02.03.2019

On the six days of the Carnival, people are either drunk as many as possible Dorftöpeln from the near and far surroundings or escapes from the otherwise so comfortable cathedral city. In recent years, the author of this text has always been drawn to the same time over time: exile. So what could be the better reason to pay a visit to the small city of Osnabrück and combine the trip with a concert? So it was on Carnival Saturday in the beautiful Rosenhof to the crazy Dutchmen of De Staat. Read More

White Lies, Kantine Köln, 22.02.2019


With their new album “FIVE”, White Lies has once again found its way into Cologne’s canteen. Already with its predecessor “Friends”, the band from London stopped here. Although the location is “quite far out”, as bassist Charles Cave noted after our interview, plenty of fans came by and filled the club almost completely. With their opening band “Boniface” White Lies had chosen a quite proper, also to the style suitable act to warm up. The spark did not really want to skip with me, because Read More

The Deadnotes, Track 22 Münster, 09.03.19

The Deadnots Track 22 Münster 2019

The Deadnotes have been on tour in Europe for 19 days with Kid Dad, and they are leading the three Freiburger also to Münster on track 22. The evening starts with the post-hardcore band Chiefland, who have just released their debut album “Wildflowers” (a detailed review can be found here). While the singer screams his soul out barefoot in front of the stage, Chiefland are completely absorbed in their music and deliver an intense start into the evening.

The Paderborn KID DAD make Read More

The Wombats, Live Music Hall Cologne, 02/10/2019 (+ image gallery)

The Wombats Live Music Hall Koeln Photo by patsch1

Bands sometimes feel like they are old school friends. Every few years you meet again, at the beginning you are still sniffing each other, is unsure whether you still can with each other. After this habituation phase one either comes to the conclusion that in the past months and years so much has happened and the other – for whatever reason – just can not stand anymore and tortured by food or coffee around the whole thing as quickly as possible to bring themselves together or fall back Read More

The Paper Kites, Luxor Cologne, 11.02.2019

When I wrote my bachelor thesis last month, somehow none of Spotify’s concentration playlists worked so well. There was at least one song in each of the music collections that was too fast or too well known for me to concentrate on. Fortunately, I eventually discovered the Australian indie rock folk band The Paper Kites . The songs of the five musicians seemed incredibly calming and relaxing, so that my bachelor thesis eventually came to an end.

One month later Read More

Bastille, RuhrCongress Bochum, 12.02.2019 (+ Picture Gallery)

A sold-out RuhrCongress, dozens of balloons in the audience and a rotating sofa on stage – that’s it the evening with Bastille in Bochum already quite well describe. As part of the “Still Avoiding Tomorrow Tour” on Tuesday, the four Britons played their first concert in Germany, with which they will stop in all other European cities over the next few weeks, leaving a lasting impression with their rousing show Impression.

Slightly colorful and intoxicating, but by no means worse Read More

Razorlight, Kantine Köln, 12.02.2019

Some bands know two or three songs that used to be on the radio, but nothing more. Why one did not deal more closely with the other works, one does not know itself so exactly. And sometimes you can not explain this criminal disregard even more, if you have seen the band then but once live and they could inspire you right away. Or: how Andrea became a Razorlight fan.

“Wire to Wire” and “America” ​​are probably the two songs that even elicit a “oh, they are!” never heard of the band Read More

Slothrust, Blue Shell Cologne, 30.01.2019

Music connects across borders, because it goes back to exactly the one thing that really unites all people: emotions and emotions , Every music fan will remember songs that evoke a variety of emotions and fit into a variety of life situations. Concerts reinforce this special connection once again, as one is confronted face to face with the beings behind the favorite songs. So, if you sense how they are taken or inspired by their own words and sounds, the experience can be breathtaking. Read More

Hoobastank, Bochum colliery, 29.01.2019

“Is there still one?” We were exposed to this question many times when we mentioned that on 29.01 .2019 would attend the concert of Hoobastank in the mine in Bochum. The 1994 (!) Founded alternative rock band from California published so far at least five albums, most recently “push pull” last year. In Germany, most music fans but probably only know their overpower “The Reason” not only to this day permanently on the radio, but also a popular karaoke song of the party Read More

Death Cab for Cutie, Live Music Hall, 06.02.2019

For many, Death Cab for Cutie is one of the indie bands par excellence. After all, the Seattle-based musicians have been able to stay on the scene ever since 2003. They are currently touring Europe with their latest album “Thank You For Today”. We watched the concert in the sold-out Cologne Live Music Hall.

Death Cab for Cutie are not one of those bands who want to thrill the audience with a breathtaking show. They simply stand on stage and let their music speak, without pompous Read More

Yungblud, Kantine Cologne, 14.01.2019

Some acts quickly overtake the fate of a teenage phenomenon: the tours are going terrific, the older people become these musicians * inside but often just smiled. At least three quarters of the visitors in the 21st century were born this Monday evening, the noise level is immensely high, the screaming even before the main act on a very high level. But is behind the young British Yungblud, who is only 21 years old, more than a mere teenage hype?

The audience can freak out but first Read More

Basement, The Canteen Cologne, 15.01.2019

Basement, Kantine Koeln, 15.01.2019

So many a concert stands and falls with the audience. This may not be the case for some concertgoers, but for someone who visits nearly two shows a week, the behavior of the surrounding people plays a significant role. Not surprisingly, Basement is meeting a larger audience with their much more accessible major label debut “Beside Myself”. Accordingly, it is hardly surprising that the European tour start of the East German in the Cologne canteen, which holds at least 1000 people, also almost Read More

Snow Patrol, König Pilsener Arena Oberhausen, 20.01.2019

Very sensitive, with a serious touch, rock and pop elements, a touch of indie, eloquent Lyrics and a lot of harmony. So you could try to describe the music of the Irish / Scottish band Snow Patrol. However, only slightly. Since 1994 you can enjoy the music of the band around singer Gary Lightbody. Time and again Snow Patrol proved their skills in recent years, gave incredibly great live concerts and also released great singles. After a break of seven years in 2018, they released their seventh Read More

FIBEL, Kulturbrauerei Berlin, 21.12.2018

FIBEL, Kulturbrauerei Berlin, 21.12.18

Optically jumped straight out of the trendy volcano Mitte, musically somewhere between The Cure and Rio Reiser and atmospheric like a hot bath in a tub full of melancholy profundity. Whatever the Spotify Algorhythm, in the midst of Gangsterrap and Deep House, suddenly flushed FIBEL with “Commissar” on my ears – I kiss his eyes. For FIBELS are my best discovery 2018.

Their concert on 21.12. in the Kulturbrauerei in Berlin formed the logical conclusion of my year and at the same Read More

Wolf Alice, Building 9 Cologne, 13.12.2018

2018 is the year in which the relevance of rock music was finally buried for the masses. But just in this time of EDM and Trap, a British alternative band wins the Mercury Prize for the best album of 2017. In the UK, the band fills impressively large halls, many critics agree – they see one of the most extraordinary Acts of the last years. But what sets Wolf Alice apart from the great pabulum of the rock world? In the last moves of their tour to that same album, the band also paid a visit Read More

Leoniden, Druckluft Oberhausen, 06.12.2018

The hypes about a band is always such a thing. At first, many people get carried away, the public interest has quickly peaked and as fast as the fans came, they are also gone and hardly anyone is interested in the band that was just around the corner. Not so with the Leonids: After the interest in the Kiel after their debut album at the beginning of last year rose rocket-like and their fan base continued to grow, is also almost two years and another record later, no end to the euphoria Read More

Turbostaat, Weltkunstzimmer Düsseldorf, 14.12.2018

Turbostaat, Weltkunstzimmer Düsseldorf, 14.12.2018

The German-Punk is already a special scene. With so many generic standard Schrammel groups visiting the same AZs and youth centers across the country, there are few bands that work well away from power chords and brisk quavers, as well as the closeness and intimacy of punk concerts revive. A band often criticized by punkish punk fanatics for their untrue streak and progressiveness, undeniably one of the best live acts in the genre, is Turbostaat from Flensburg. For the past 20 years, the Read More

Editors, Warsteiner Music Hall, 18.11.2018

Music connects. Across all borders. That’s why so many people are passionate about music in every way, which is why concerts in the digital age are more in demand than ever. This indescribable power makes it easy to forget that there are still people behind the notes, bars and melodies – because music is somehow bigger than the producers behind the instruments. A perfect example: the editors.

On their tour of the current album “Violence”, the British band accompanies the Icelandic Read More

Tribulation, Gloria Theater Cologne, 01.12.2018

Tribulation, Gloria Thetaer Koeln, 01.12.2018

It was in January 2016 as a bitter young man together with his live Band entered the stage of the huge Bamberger Brose Arena. A good half hour should prepare this special musician with his modern 80s guitar pop – yes, art can be simultaneously modern and retro – as Voract the Chemnitz indie band Kraftklub on the main program. The potential, which was already slumbering in this guy at the time, could hardly be overlooked, but the talent did not seem to have developed so completely. Two and Read More

Stereokeys, Stereo Wonderland Cologne, 16.11.2018

“That’s totally the mistake, when you say, ‘I’m playing in Cologne now, there’ll be lots of them all Guys, you play in front of 10 people. “The indie alternative band Stereokeys had voiced this assumption in the summer in our interview. Finally, on the 16th of November, the hour of truth struck: the first own show in Cologne. When we arrived at Stereo Wonderland, it was already pretty well filled. The concern of the band to play in front of only 10 people was unjustified. On the other hand, Read More