Bastille, RuhrCongress Bochum, 12.02.2019 (+ Picture Gallery)

A sold-out RuhrCongress, dozens of balloons in the audience and a rotating sofa on stage – that’s it the evening with Bastille in Bochum already quite well describe. As part of the “Still Avoiding Tomorrow Tour” on Tuesday, the four Britons played their first concert in Germany, with which they will stop in all other European cities over the next few weeks, leaving a lasting impression with their rousing show Impression.

Slightly colorful and intoxicating, but by no means worse off, were the performances of the two previous acts The Dawn of May and Lewis Capaldi. While the former mainly focused on gloomy and atmospheric piano pieces, the latter, with at least his announcements between the songs and his Scottish accent, caused some laughter in the audience: “The next song may sound happy, but actually it’s f * cking sad”. With a 25-minute set full of sadly beautiful songs, including his hit “Bruises”, Lewis Capaldi tried to tune the audience to the Bastille show – but that was apparently in such a lethargy that during the band’s first songs Only in the first rows seemed to come up with mood.

By the middle of the show at the latest, the majority of the audience finally broke out of its paralysis and sang and danced at least slightly restrained. Of course, songs like “Pompeii”, “Good Grief” or “Things We Lost In The Fire” were not missing – but also new numbers like “Quarter Past Midnight” or actual feature-tracks like “I Know You” or “Grip” had found their way to the setlist.

On the other hand, parts of the stage show, which was supplemented by lighting effects and a rotating sofa on which singer Dan lapped around during some of the songs, were almost getting used to seemed to fall down and did not get up even when The Dawn of May came on stage for a duet. After all, when Lewis Capaldi re-entered the stage to perform together with Bastille “Bad Blood”, he seemed to change his mind and returned to the front of the stage.

At the end The show gave the band and the audience everything: with the song “Of the Night” from one of the mixtapes of the band and the encore “Happier” everybody jumped and sang euphorically while a sea of ​​colorful balloons flew through the crowd worthy conclusion for a successful, although sometimes getting used to, evening.

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