Banana Roadkill – SHELTER

Banana Roadkill Shelter

Banished from any outside influence in a remote rural house, Banana Roadkill have recorded their EP SHELTER. The record, which will be released on January 18, shows how the alternative rock duo has developed since their debut “A Quiet Conversation”. The sequel is darker, less playful and altogether grown-up.

After a few moments of the first restrained sounds, the first song “III” explodes into a violent thunderstorm to return to softer melodies after a short time. The already pre-released song “SHELTER” is accompanied by a powerful riff and ufert from time to time in huge refrains. Frequently, electronic loops are heard at the EP, mostly in the background but always venturing into the foreground. So “PLAIN” starts with an electronic intro before it goes into the guitar-heavy main section. The beauty of SHELTER is that you can not tell at any point that it is “just” a duo. There is nothing missing. But on the contrary. The interplay of drums and guitar, as well as the recurring reduction to a few instruments that still provide a comprehensive sound, distinguish Banana Roadkill.

Finally, the gloomy “HOLLOW” summarizes the EP well and after only SHELTER is already over for 17 minutes. Five addictive songs that create a rousing atmosphere and do not let go even after the final note of the record has been played. Overall, SHELTER is a great record, with surprising twists and grueling melodies that should not be missed!

And that sounds like this:

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Banana Roadkill live 2019:

22/02/19 Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Kellerclub im StuZ eV
09.03.19 Biel (CH), Eldorado Bar
14.03 .19 Münster, Rare Guitar
3/15/19 Cologne, Tsunami Club
Mar 16, 19 Hannover, Open Space

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