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AWOLNATION, Bastille, Brand New, Ed Sheeran, Jupiter Jones & My Indigo Weekly Review Week 45 2017

96s.info Weekly Review Number 1!

This week is plenty again happens! Politicians who call themselves twitter too old, too small, too fat, the first snow in Germany and especially a lot of new music:

single, album, tour: AWOLNATION are back!

With the big hit “Sail” AWOLNATION could already play in a high league. Also the last album “Run”, which was released in 2015, has had some successes. This band is the solo project of Aaron Bruno, musically an idiosyncratic mix of synthesizer, alternative and indie. Now the return has been confirmed and it’s pretty impressive! On the second of February the new album “Here Come the Runts” will be released, but before that the single “Passion” will be heard. With usual means here again a great earwig is offered. In addition a tour will be confirmed, which brings the band to Germany with no less than Nothing But Thieves . We are looking forward! Here you can buy the single! (Julia)


07.04.2018 Frankfurt am Main, Gibson
12.04.2018 Munich. Backstage
18.04.2018 Berlin, Kesselhaus
19.04.2018 Hamburg, Evil & Dangerous

Bastille – World Gone Mad

Also a new one Single released this week Bastille . “World Gone Mad” is the emotional song with the dramatic clip that acts as the title track of the new Will Smith movie “Bright”. The album for the film will be released on December 15th and next to “World Gone Mad” also new songs by artists like Portugal. The Man, Machine Gun Kelly, A $ AP Rocky and Old-J included. Here you can buy the song! (Yvonne)

Allegations of sexual harassment against Brand New Frontman Jesse Lacey

Ironically Brand New frontman Jesse Lacey met the latest allegations of sexual harassment in the music business last week. Brand New, that’s the favorite band of many music lovers. A band that recently released their highly praised “Science Fiction” album and announced their final breakup in late 2018. Singer Jesse Lacey is now accused of having forced at the age of twenty-four a 15-year-old at the time to send them offensive pictures and watch their own sexual activities. In a statement on the Brand New Facebook, Jesse explains that he has been suffering from a disturbed relationship to sex for years and that he has been treated for it after numerous, inexcusable actions. His wife, with whom he now leads a happy marriage, he has cheated on several occasions in the past. Nothing is said about the victims. There was a lot of discussion about the incident and the statement in our editorial department, so we decided not to make a conclusive judgment in this article. (Yvonne)

Ed Sheeran – Perfect

With “Perfect” Ed Sheeran has his fourth single from the album “ Divide ” is releasing and cracking record after record again. The empathetic and emotional single is beautifully accompanied by the accompanying video. The story of a couple that has known each other since childhood is portrayed in a very artistic and enchanting way by actress Zoey Deutch and Ed Sheeran. A great video that already adds some Christmas spirit and a fantastic song, with an even better message! Here you can buy the single! (Alina)

It’s getting quiet around Jupiter Jones

The German-Pop band was well known Jupiter Jones with the song “Still” in 2010, but has been around for almost 15 years. Starting in German punk, the band continued to develop musically into pop. Above all, singer Nicholas Müller was able to inspire with his voice. However, after he left in 2007 because of his anxiety disorder and dedicated himself to his new band Von Brücken , the other members continued with the new singer Sven Lauer. In 2016, the album “Brüllende Fahnen” was created in this new constellation, which now also added chanting to the band’s music. Now, however, the resolution has been announced, the focus of the band members are no longer with Jupiter Jones. Here is the complete statement: http://jupiter-jones.de/wir-sagen-tschuess/. Next year, however, some concerts and festival dates will be announced. We thank you for the great music and will certainly say goodbye! (Julia)

My Indigo – My Indigo

Moment, the Voice do we know? Exactly! Because My Indigo is none other than Sharon den Adel, singer of the Dutch band Within Temptation ! For a long time it was quiet around the band and it was exactly this peace that Sharon used to gather and to strike unusually quiet tones with My Indigo, which fit perfectly into the autumn time. The full solo album will be released in spring 2018, here you will get the first song! (Yvonne)

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More new releases this week:

WALK THE MOON – What If Nothing

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