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Walking On Cars return to Germany!

Walking On Cars Return to Germany

The Irish pop-rock band Walking On Cars made their debut at the beginning of this year emotional song “Speeding Cars”, which was played on the radio up and down. After her debut album “Everything This Way”, which had been available in Ireland for some time, had also been released here this year, nothing stood in the way of success in Germany. There followed a sold-out tour of the clubs in this country and appearances at Rock Am Ring and Rock Im Park, where the band could certainly win one Read More

Banks & Steelz – Anything But Words

Banks & Steelz Anything But Words

First of all, I’m not exactly the biggest Interpol fanatic and also the Wu-Tang clan For me personally the spark never really jumped over. However, when I learned that the rapper RZA (here under the synonym Steelz), who is one of the founding heads of the famous clan, and Paul Banks, frontman of Interpol, together publish an album, that sounded interesting in my ears. Indie rock and rap mixed on a record? That could be an exciting project. So what can I say about “Anything But Words” after Read More

Tour info: Vimes – Nights in Limbo

VIMES_credit_Stefan Braunbarth

We would like to thank all lovers of danceable band music: The VIMES – “Nights In Limbo” Tour!

The boys finally present their debut album Nights in Limbo to the public. Kickoff is in the wonderful Musikbunker Aachen on Wednesday.

And that’s how it sounds:


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By downloading this video, you agree to YouTube’s privacy Read More

Matthias Arfmann – Ballet Jeunesse

matthias arfmann ballet jeunesse

What lasts long will finally be good. This saying goes not only for wines, but also for the album “Ballet Jeunesse”. Matthias Arfmann has worked for a full seven years so that old ballet classics can see the light of day in a new guise. The most popular pieces by composers such as Tchaikovsky, Debussy, Khachaturian and many more, Arfmann wants to bring young people and thus even in clubs or the streaming playlists of the “Digital Natives” land. What sounds like an impossible task, Matthias Read More

Concert Report: Vimes – Nights in Limbo – Tour-Kickoff!

Vimes_Concert_Nights in Limbo Tour 2016_Musikbunker Aachen

And then they were there! Three years after seeing Vimes last in Studio 672 in Cologne, my favorite location in Aachen has brought the two cologne and their live drummer to the start. Tour debut album album debuts in Limbo, wow, that’s pretty cool. So much the better that at the beginning of the concert a suitable crowd – not too many, not too few – gathered in the hall to go into a trance. A trance that creates Vimes live with their phenomenal music. The lighting technique is, if I understand Read More

Music Video: Sean Koch Trio – Good Times Keep Rolling

Sean Koch_ Sean Koch Trio_Teaser

With Sean Koch, the sunny, light vibes of South African surfer life come to Germany. Growing up in the small village of Kommitjie, just outside Cape Town, where life is determined by the waves and the tides, he uses his light yet profound songs to teach the lessons he learned from life at the Cape.
That would be one that happiness is always in your own hands. On the other hand, that one is never alone in case of cases. And exactly this view of things resonates in the songs of SEAN Read More

A bit like wrestling!


Here’s Jain’s long-awaited album Zanaka! The singer from Toulouse impresses extremely with her very special sound. While Jain in Come experimented with some sort of reggae / dance-hall sound, beats and tonality change from track to track and even partially within individual songs! Sometimes the whole thing fluctuates in the direction of hip-hop, then back to indie. By the way, the video for the single (see below) is also worth seeing.
Overall, Zanaka sounds like a jam session at the Read More

Coasts bring the sunshine to Cologne’s nightlife!


Finally feel the sun’s rays on your skin and listen to the finest indie rock. That’s how spring has to be! The cheerful indie rock band Coasts presented themselves in a cheerful mood in Studio 672 of the Kölner Stadtgarten – by the way the perfect location for this band and at the same time one of the most beautiful venues I have ever visited. The band had their terrific, self-titled debut album, which only so sprayed in the sun. Heart-warming earwigs like Oceans, Modern Love, Wolves, Wash Read More

Debris – Interzone

Debris interzone

German-speaking rock band Trümmer from Hamburg released their new album “Interzone” these days and admittedly brought me into inner conflict. First off: The look of the album I like on the whole pretty well. The cover and the swaying sound between dirty guitar riffs and disreputable indie pop haunt me a little bit – and generally the whole band is excitingly interesting, not the next recycling band producing two mediocre albums and disappearing somewhere in the back of the couch. But somehow Read More

Purple Souls Interview

purple souls

As part of the Germany tour of the “Purple Souls” we have the debut with the frontman Jakob about the genesis of the band “Williamsburg”, the current tour as well as future plans spoken.

96s.info: How’s your tour going so far? Are you satisfied?

Purple Souls: We are very satisfied so far. Of course it also depends on what you expect, on the first tour in Germany. It was not always crowded now, but the shops were Read More

William’s Orbit – Once

William's Orbit Once Cover

With “Once”, William’s Orbit is releasing a debut that is “only” 10 tracks long but still very summery and that’s why it’s so much fun. Good rock music with catchy melodies that quickly get stuck in your head and lift your mood. While the wheel was definitely not being reinvented, every listener should know that William’s Orbit did not write a top-class album, evergreen, or a long-loved album. But that was not the claim of the indie rock quartet. Listeners from Kensington, The Kooks, Bloc Read More

Gentle indie pop for the quiet evenings

Swaying Wires I Left A House Burning

No matter how much stress at the beginning of the new year. Does that really have to be? Swaying Wires say: Nope! And with their new work I Left A House Burning they bring a lot of composure. Then the house burns – no matter. Much has happened in the lives of band members Tina Karkinen, Sami Lehtonen, Nicklas Hagen and Jussi Virkkumaa since they released their debut album, Some Blue Sky in 2013. New countries have been toured, new places discovered, personal crises and achievements conquered Read More

Jupiter Jones – Roaring Flags

jupiter jones roaring flags

Long since written off as the next chartpop band, Jupiter Jones returns in 2016 writing an album that is quite different therefore, comes as you would have expected. The entire songwriting of “Roaring flags” is in contrast to its predecessor “The opposite of everything” not at all produced in the direction of radio, instead, rather alternative tones are struck. Only after several passes, the record is really accessible, but then unfolds a coherent overall picture, which includes earwigs Read More

Concert Report: Three Days Grace + We Are The Ocean, Live Music Hall Cologne

Three Days Grace Concert Review

Finally a rocking evening at the Cologne Live Music Hall! Eternity seems to be there, that I was allowed to experience something like that, but with We Are The Ocean and Three Days Grace there was an interesting concert, which attracted many enthusiastic fans of Alternative Rock besides me. So the event was completely sold out and two good-humored bands presented their best-known hits. While the band We Are The Ocean mostly – unfortunately – focused on their rather moderate last release Read More

Blackout Problems – Holy

Blackout Problems_Holy_Album_Cover

What a debut! Blackout Problems are finally released with their first CD (release: 5.2.)! Since 2008, the Munich trio had time to ripen, time to romp on live shows in front of the audience. With their first album, Holy, the boys throw out a lot of power! And that’s why it’s so much fun to listen to this 13-song CD. Over and over again! The fact that the three alternative rockers quote the front man of Enter Shikari, Rou Reynold, in the video for Follow Me right at the beginning of the video Read More

The world is waiting for this debut

Vimes_Nights In Limbo_Album Cover

VIMES are finally releasing their first album on the market. And that will be an exceptional album! The duo consisting of Azhar Syed and Julian Stetter has recently and rightly received worldwide recognition for their previous releases on the album Nights in Limbo, such as Kyra or Mind. Just a few years ago, you could enjoy her live skills (with support from drummer Johannes Klingebiel) and on her Soundcloud channel. The final track of the album, House of Deer, for example, has been there Read More

Dota is jazz, bossa nova and socially critical singer-songwriting

dota_no danger_albumcover

Dota’s new album No danger may have been on the market for a good month. Nevertheless, I will not take a few eulogies! Especially because the exceptional band is going on tour soon! Dota Kehr and her band (formerly also known as Dota and the City Pirates), Dota, bring singer-songwriting and jazz into harmony. Also due to the temporary home of the front woman Dorothea Kehr in South America (Ecuador and Brazil) influences of Latin American music like Bossa Nova play a big role in the sound Read More