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TÜSN – Trendelburg

“Welcome to Trendelburg. Hear the verdict for your failure. You will all be killed by lightning. “The start in this album is certainly not positive. And so really smart you will not from the lines at first hearing either. Who or what is actually Trendelburg? First of all, Trendelburg is a small town in Hesse. But the much more interesting thing about it is the legend, which revolves around the name of Trendelburg and serves as the leitmotif of the TÜSN album.

In short, the story Read More

96s.info presents: Video premiere on HUNGER by ESKALATION!


ESCALATION do something between Ska-Punk, Indie and Electro and certainly with a proper one Portion of fun and energy! The band is seven and there are many different influences that shape them. After releasing their album 360 ° 2 years ago and already developing their very own style there, the new song HUNGER takes another step in a new direction. HUNGER is the first single of the album of the same name, which will be released on May 17, and you can look forward to experimental music that Read More

Frittenbude – Rote Sonne

A drawn smilie, electric beats, expressionless vocals. Those who have not yet dealt with the Frittenbude phenomenon will likely dismiss the latest album “Rote Sonne” as a simple party guarantor for friends of various substances at first glance. How much more is behind the superficial facade, fans of the band have long known. On the band’s current fifth album, the seriousness even comes to the fore even more. What still does not mean in the colorful Frittenbude universe that you should not Read More

De Staat, Rosenhof Osnabrück, 02.03.2019

De Staat, Rosenhof Osnabrück, 02.03.2019

On the six days of the Carnival, people are either drunk as many as possible Dorftöpeln from the near and far surroundings or escapes from the otherwise so comfortable cathedral city. In recent years, the author of this text has always been drawn to the same time over time: exile. So what could be the better reason to pay a visit to the small city of Osnabrück and combine the trip with a concert? So it was on Carnival Saturday in the beautiful Rosenhof to the crazy Dutchmen of De Staat. Read More

Foals – Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1

Foals - Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1

Math Rock is a diffused genre. Between melody, 15/16 bars, guitar banter and danceable grooves, there are only a few artists who have in the past managed to make the core characteristics of the demanding music genre accessible to the masses. An exception to this gloomy niche genre is formed by foals from the English city of Oxford, who have in the course of their 14-year career, more and more removed from their intricate origins, but otherwise as pioneers of indie math hundreds of thousands Read More

Interview with White Lies about their tour of the album FIVE!

LEAD SHOTWhiteLies0918_Gullick_small

A few weeks ago “FIVE” released the newest album of the White Lies. Before their concert in the Cologne canteen, bassist Charles Cave and drummer Jack Lawrence-Brown told us a lot about new and old songs, their current tour through Europe and the importance of the radio for their success. Whether White Lies throw an optimistic look into the future, you will also learn in our interview.

96s.info: Hello you two, what are your memories of Cologne, after you have Read More

White Lies, Kantine Köln, 22.02.2019


With their new album “FIVE”, White Lies has once again found its way into Cologne’s canteen. Already with its predecessor “Friends”, the band from London stopped here. Although the location is “quite far out”, as bassist Charles Cave noted after our interview, plenty of fans came by and filled the club almost completely. With their opening band “Boniface” White Lies had chosen a quite proper, also to the style suitable act to warm up. The spark did not really want to skip with me, because Read More

Alice Phoebe Lou – Paper Castles

Alice Phoebe Lou is an independent artist through and through. This not only means the organizational facets of her work, but also the music as such. How much her attitude determines her entire career was also demonstrated by her rejection of a support slot for Coldplay’s European tour. Alice Phoebe Lou was born in South Africa, but moved to Berlin after spending a year abroad in Europe. Since then, the DIY musician has been making street fanfare into a fanbase, releasing EPs and an album. Read More

The Deadnotes, Track 22 Münster, 09.03.19

The Deadnots Track 22 Münster 2019

The Deadnotes have been on tour in Europe for 19 days with Kid Dad, and they are leading the three Freiburger also to Münster on track 22. The evening starts with the post-hardcore band Chiefland, who have just released their debut album “Wildflowers” (a detailed review can be found here). While the singer screams his soul out barefoot in front of the stage, Chiefland are completely absorbed in their music and deliver an intense start into the evening.

The Paderborn KID DAD make Read More

Stella Donnelly – Beware of the Dogs

The power lies in calm. Beware of the Dog. Idioms and signs on houses – words that constantly surround us, but which we barely notice. Stella Donnelly puts her debut album at the service of inconspicuousness, but with quiet emphasis on the lower levels.

Quite unexcited, the album rises with “Old Man”, an indie song with a melancholy undertone, the unrestrained criticism of patriarchal structures practices. “Oh are you scared of me old man?” Donnelly asks quite bluntly, remaining Read More

The Wombats, Live Music Hall Cologne, 02/10/2019 (+ image gallery)

The Wombats Live Music Hall Koeln Photo by patsch1

Bands sometimes feel like they are old school friends. Every few years you meet again, at the beginning you are still sniffing each other, is unsure whether you still can with each other. After this habituation phase one either comes to the conclusion that in the past months and years so much has happened and the other – for whatever reason – just can not stand anymore and tortured by food or coffee around the whole thing as quickly as possible to bring themselves together or fall back Read More

The Paper Kites, Luxor Cologne, 11.02.2019

When I wrote my bachelor thesis last month, somehow none of Spotify’s concentration playlists worked so well. There was at least one song in each of the music collections that was too fast or too well known for me to concentrate on. Fortunately, I eventually discovered the Australian indie rock folk band The Paper Kites . The songs of the five musicians seemed incredibly calming and relaxing, so that my bachelor thesis eventually came to an end.

One month later Read More

The Kooks are on tour again!

Back in August of last year, they released their long-awaited fifth studio album “Let’s Go Sunshine”, now The Kooks finally hit the road Tour – and also play concerts in five German cities. From the end of March to the beginning of April, the four Britons will perform on stage in Bochum, Hamburg, Berlin, Leipzig and Stuttgart, performing the songs of the new album as well as some of their classics.

Join us In addition, she will tour the English rock band “Blossoms” throughout the Read More

Bastille, RuhrCongress Bochum, 12.02.2019 (+ Picture Gallery)

A sold-out RuhrCongress, dozens of balloons in the audience and a rotating sofa on stage – that’s it the evening with Bastille in Bochum already quite well describe. As part of the “Still Avoiding Tomorrow Tour” on Tuesday, the four Britons played their first concert in Germany, with which they will stop in all other European cities over the next few weeks, leaving a lasting impression with their rousing show Impression.

Slightly colorful and intoxicating, but by no means worse Read More

Stereokeys – II

Last summer we introduced you to the newcomer Stereokeys, which inspired us at the Youth Brigade Festival. In the meantime, the ambitious Sauerlanders have worked diligently in the studio and found a homeland label Homebound Records, over which they have now released the second EP with the simple title “II”.

The four songs of the EP can be quickly recognized that the band has further refined their style, which oscillates somewhere between indie pop and alternative rock. The sophisticated Read More

Razorlight, Kantine Köln, 12.02.2019

Some bands know two or three songs that used to be on the radio, but nothing more. Why one did not deal more closely with the other works, one does not know itself so exactly. And sometimes you can not explain this criminal disregard even more, if you have seen the band then but once live and they could inspire you right away. Or: how Andrea became a Razorlight fan.

“Wire to Wire” and “America” ​​are probably the two songs that even elicit a “oh, they are!” never heard of the band Read More

grandson – a modern tragedy vol. 2

Crossover is back! Hip newcomers like Yungblud, FEVER 333 or even Grandson breathe new life into a genre long declared dead. Of course, everyone has their own approach; Grandson relies most on electrical distortion. Thus, the hardest moments of his music are created not just by guitar breakdowns or shouts, but by imposing tempests of different electrical levels. Grandson sings melodic, sometimes aggressive, sometimes almost casually his politically motivated lyrics. This is already known Read More

Picture Book – Vernissage My Heart

Picture Book - vernissage my heart

It’s not a bold political statement, but a clear one. On February 15th, the Indie-Popper picture book will be releasing their single “Europa 22”, flanked by an action that draws its circles. On the website https://bilderbucheuropa.love fans, hater, interested can make their very own EU passport, which is then available in image form. The band thus strengthens the statement that they themselves leave in the song: “A life without limits. A freedom to give away. A freedom not to think. “

Read More

Mozes and the Firstborn – Dadcore

Mozes and the Firstborn - Dadcore

And suddenly it does not get any further: “Rock music is dead!” Where yesterday sweaty mane , rang out loud guitars and amplifiers, today there is a supposed ban on the house. Now rappers and DJs have moved into the charts, which these days more than ever rely on singles and mixtapes. But behold, even a rock band can do that! At least she claims. Mozes and the Firstborn have been using “Dadcore” since Friday. Whether the mixtape experiment of the Dutch is doing well?

“Dadcore” Read More

Twenty One Pilots, Lanxess Arena Cologne, 25.02.2019

Twenty One Pilots, Lanxess Arena Koeln, 25.02.2019

The curtain falls. A masked man stands with his fist raised on the edge of the stage. A large, neon yellow X perches on his chest. In his hand he holds a burning torch. He steps solemnly back a few steps, hands the burning staff to an anonymous third person, sits down to the drums. Next to him, a car drives off the ground. On the roof of the vehicle is a second person. She is wearing a bass guitar around her neck. The masked man steps forward in the direction of the microphone. Let the Read More