Hans Zimmer – Inferno

inferno hans zimmer

You do not have to be a regular visitor to the Leipzig Book Fair or a Lesearr to become a famous thriller author by the name of Dan Brown connect. With “The Da Vinci Code – Sacrilege” and “Illuminati” he has published, among other other successful books, two works that caused a worldwide sensation and millions of copies. Since then, Dan Brown is on everyone’s lips and a guarantee for exciting stories around the Harvard Professor Robert Langdon. Langdon is also the main character in Brown’s Read More

Various Artists – Under my bed 2

Under my bed 2

Almost a year after the release of “Under My Bed”, the successor “Unter mein Bett” appeared under my bed Bed 2 “and will have given children, as well as parents, aunts and uncles again great joy.

14 songs brings the second edition of the children’s song album, of big and small names of the German music scene. Enno Bunger, Bela B., Laing, Cäthe, Das Bo and The League of Ordinary Gentlemen have joined forces for the second CD. This time with a significantly higher proportion of women Read More

Doe – Some Things Last Longer Than You

Doe - Some Things Last Longer Than You

The story of the band around which the following text is written sounds like it a children’s book. Nicola Leel (vocals, guitar) and Jake Popyura (drums, vocals) from the British indie-punk band Doe got to know each other via a classified ad in 2013. They quickly found common hobbies and interests and soon founded this same band. It can go so fast! Now, three years later, her debut album “Some Things Last Longer Than You” will be released, which will satisfy many grunge, many punk and many Read More

Delorentos – Night Becomes Light

delorentos night becomes light

Cruising in the evening sun in your own car while listening to Delorentos at full volume. Delo-who? No it is not a new painkiller or a toothpaste, behind Delorentos hidden a recommendable Indierockband from Ireland. On their new album “Night Becomes Light”, the musicians present eleven entertaining songs, which let the sunlight from the outside directly under the skin. Delorentos are the perfect band for a festival afternoon at the Hurricane and Southside Festival – a guarantee of good Read More

Gulfer – What Gives?

Gulfer - What Gives?

The debut of the Canadian emo-math rock band Gulfer has been around for a while in their homeland. Now “What Gives?” Also appears in Europe, which pays tribute to the band with an extended release tour, on which one or the other may have gotten to know the band.

Gulfer unite a variety of influences in their sound. The range of these is about indie, emo, math rock, alternative and punk about as wide as fat the result sounds on the seven songs of the record too. In particular, the Read More

Bastille – Wild World

Bastille - Wild World

The debut album of the British band Bastille 2013 hit the European music world like a bombshell. Highly praised by critics and fans, the indie pop band has been able to sell out huge halls and play at the biggest festivals – Rock Am Ring and Rock Im Park, for example. Their mix of emotional vocals, great hymn-like melodies, the sound of shallow synths and the magnificent production hit the heart of the people.

Three years later they released “Wild World”, the sequel to the celebrated Read More

Picture book announce album “Magic Life”!

Picture Book - Magic Life

At the end of August the Austrian indie band Bilderbuch had their third album “Schick Schock “had already attracted attention with the song” Sweetlove “. Out of nowhere the quiet ballad had surfaced on the band’s website in the early evening of a Sunday. Now the band announced yesterday afternoon – again unobtrusively with a little Facebook note – the matching album “Magic Life”. This will be released on 17.02 next year and can be ordered here.

The year 2015 was probably the most Read More

The Parlotones are coming to Germany with a new album!


Indierock – you suddenly connect with England or in recent years more and more with Scandinavia. But also on other continents this music is played. The Parlotones are from South Africa and are now traveling to Germany with a new album. Already in a few days starts the tour of Indierocker, which leads them in nine German cities and additionally in the Austrian capital Vienna. From September 22nd to October 7th the South Africans stay in Europe to present well-known hits and the songs of Read More

Pinegrove, Underground Cologne, 29.09.2016

Pinegrove, Underground Cologne, 29.09.2016

The support canceled because the band was stuck in traffic, so you could do it yourself play a little longer, announces singer Evan Stephens Hall indie rock band Pinegrove in the well-filled underground in Cologne at the beginning of the good one-hour set of his band. However, the following hour should have it in.

Pinegrove play more calm introverted indie with some emo and college rock influences. For their live shows, the band grows from four to six people. Three guitars, bass, Read More

Interview with Kytes

The Kytes are touring Germany with their first album “Heads and Tales”. We met them in the Berliner Musik und Frieden and talked to them about their music, bicycles in the Spree and celebrating in the Berghain.

96s.info: How are you?

Michi: Good! Today is the sixth tour day. We still get on well, we still like each other.

Tim: Half of us are on medication.

Michi: That’s just real Read More

Sean Koch Trio from Cape Town on tour in Europe!


With the Sean Koch Trio, the sunny, light vibes of South African surfer life come to Germany , Growing up in the small village of Kommitjie, just outside Cape Town, where life is determined by the waves and the tides, the three surfer boys process the lessons learned from life on the Cape in their light yet profound songs.

That would be, first, that happiness is always in your own hands. On the other hand, that one is never alone in case of cases. And it is precisely this view Read More

Kytes, Music and Peace Berlin, 02.10.2016

“You can already tell after the first two songs, if this energy can emerge” – that was the answer the Kytes on the interview question, what constitutes a good concert for them. If that’s what you’re after, you’ll probably be happy with the concert in the Berliner Musik und Frieden on Sunday evening. Because from the very first notes on, the audience was very confident in their lyrics and dancing.

At first, however, the evening was opened by English singer-songwriter Tom James. Read More

Gallop-race-track festival: The Open Source Festival

Once a year, where horses usually make their rounds in Düsseldorf, music fans meet and celebrate for a whole day at the Open Source Festival a wide range of music artists. The main focus here is on indie and electro-heavy music. The result of this mixture is quite exciting.

The Main Days will be the last to enter the English Hot Chip with their electronic dance music mixed with indie elements and certainly deliver a brilliant show. Beforehand, the sympathetic Austrians from Bilderbuch Read More

At The B-Sites Festival 2016

at the b sides festival

Yes, the At The B-Sites Festival is taking place for the first time this year and although it is widely held The opinion is that we already have too many festivals in Germany, or Europe anyway, one is taught by the organizers of the recent Cologne Festival better: the one-day event will completely dispense with the use of amplifiers – instead is the live music is transmitted directly to wireless headphones that every visitor receives (alternatively, you can take your own with you to be Read More

Drowners – On Desire

The band, whose new album is under scrutiny, has already helped numerous indie greats, from Foals to Cage The Elephant to probably the biggest indie rock band, the Arctic Monkeys. We are talking about the Welsh-American quartet Drowners, whose new album “On Desire” will be released at the end of June.

“On Desire” is a relaxed indie-rock album, which is mainly due to the small aspects in the Music can shine: From the unique voice of singer Matthew Hitt, to the almost childlike playfulness Read More

From Lisbeth – Grande

From Lisbeth - Grande

Lina, Linda, Charley, Lisa, or even “Chérie”, “Baby” or “Bitch”. For his wives, Matze, singer of the Berlin indie pop band Von Wegen Lisbeth, has many different names and names. With skillful wordplay, he directs his band through the new album “Grande” and tells about interpersonal relationships, especially with the female gender.

“Grande” does not only offer the listener exciting stories, which in his 14 Songs are told, but also carefree music, which makes it very difficult not Read More

Faux – Inhale (EP)

Take drums, guitars, bass and vocals, a little emo, a big pop, a bit of alternative rock and a lot of lightness, Throw these things all in one pot, stir vigorously and heat this mixture. The result would probably sound like the British band Faux. This publishes its second EP called “Inhale” in early August. Well, quite simply, the band’s sound, which they refer to as “Dirty Pop,” can not be described.

For five songs, this album is only digital and vinyl, with its first EP as a Read More

The Düsseldorf Düsterboys have (new EP) Alcoholism

The Düsseldorf Düsterboys_Alkoholgedanken_EP_Cover

The Düsseldorf Düsterboys was by the two guitar players Peter and Pedro after some back and forth through half of Germany founded. Having been successful in the local rock scene in Mainz with Royal Ape, there is now another musical fare on her first EP alcohol thoughts. Instead of pushing indie rock, which makes the hearts of all girls beat faster, there are now concocted (alcohol) thoughts garnished with the sound of two guitars. Lyrically, we are somewhere between Schlager and Kneipenchanson, Read More

Interview with I Am Jerry about “Habicht”!

We had the chance at the Soundgarden Festival Bad Nauheim weekend with Julian, the singer of the Sprockhöveler Band I. At Jerry, to talk. Here we were able to get interesting information about her debut album “Habicht”, which will be released this week, the past and the future of the band. When their new debut album releases new music and what fans can expect for the upcoming tour, Julian also hints!

96s.info: Hello Julian. Your debut album “Habicht” will be Read More

I Am Jerry – Habicht

I Am Jerry - Habicht

Looking for a Trip? The debut album “Habicht” of the band I Am Jerry takes you on a blurry trip of drugs, party and melancholy. So, if you’re in the mood for a musical adventure, it’s time to get excited.

There are two types of songs on “Habicht”, explains Julian, singer of the indie band – the ones to party with and Have fun and those who are best heard alone and lonely and alone reflect. That’s true, but still does not diminish the listening pleasure, if you hear the work in Read More